Wednesday 9 August 2023

New Life - Fantasia Film Festival


With every story about a contagious disease, there’s a survivor and a pursuer. You can expect the story to one of two ways and neither has a pretty end. New Life literally breathes fresh air into this familiar set up. With a solid cast and decent central characters, there is something intriguing and terrifying to be absorbed by. Yet, the film can’t shake off its own confinements. With such a potentially big story, the film feels contained despite there being multiple locations with both main characters on the move. 

A young woman, Jessica, escapes a mysterious facility and goes on the run. Determined to get as far away as possible from those who held her captive, she meets kind strangers who help her along the way. Meanwhile, an agent, dealing with her own issues, is assigned to bring Jessica in at all costs. But as times ticks by, the stakes of the pursuit take several dark turns with devastating consequences.

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