Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Thursday Movie Picks: On the Run

There are so many great stories about being on the run but I drew a blank this week. I literally couldn't think of anything. Then late late this evening (well, night) I thought of a few BUT these are ones I have used before.

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Thelma and Louise
One the greatest femmist films of all time, actually just an all round brilliant film. Two best friends go on a road trip but along the way Louise kills a man who is about rape Thelma. They end up having an adventure but while on the run, turning from 'good' people to criminals. It was a wake up call to Hollywood but as everyone knows, not much changed or at least this was the talk not long ago, but women are making waves in film and hopefully this will only get better.

Gun Crazy
Two gun crazed lovers, one an ace shot and marksman Bart, the other, Annie, a sharpshooter in a carnival show, fall in love and go on the run while robbing banks and a factory. The tables turn when Annie shoots someone which causes problems in the relationship not to mention being hunted by the police. Classic Film Noir.

Minority Report
Ah Minority Report. Despite the fact I dislike Tom Cruise, this film was pretty darn good. We can thank Philip K Dick has the film is based a short story of his. Set in 2054 where John Anderton is head of a 'PreCrime' team that arrests criminals before they commit their crimes with knowledge provided by 'precogs' who are all named after famous crime novelists (nice touch). There is another layer to the story of Anderton who has never recovered from the disappearance of his young son. He ends up on the run after he is framed for a murder he hasn't commited yet. As I said, pretty darn good.


  1. All good choices that fit the theme well. Peggy Cummins is so ice cold in Gun Crazy, she alone is worth watching the film.

    I'm not a Cruise fan either but I did enjoy Minority Report thanks to the story and Colin Farrell.

    T&L is a good film that I rarely rewatch. The performances are excellent but I guess once I knew how it would end I never felt the need to return to it.

    There are SO many films that do fit the theme this week I was able to come up with three quickly than realized they were all on the heavier side so I included an extra that is a comic take.

    The Clouded Yellow (1950)-Fired and seeking tranquility after a case goes wrong British Secret Service agent David Somers (Trevor Howard) retreats to the Fenton country estate and a quiet job cataloging butterflies. Upon his arrival he meets and becomes enamored with the Fenton's niece, the fragile Sophie (Jean Simmons). His peace is short-lived though when Sophie is framed for the murder of menacing handyman Hick. Escaping to London he uses his skills and a network of old friends to evade capture as both the police and the real murderer chase them across Britain as they attempt to flee to safety. Tidy thriller that benefits from location filming throughout England and a superior cast.

    Dust Be My Destiny (1939)-Down on his luck but honest Joe Bell (John Garfield) gets into a fight with a crook and is sentenced to a work farm for 90 days. There he falls for Mabel Alden (Priscilla Lane), much to the displeasure of her stepfather Charles Garreth (Stanley Ridges) the farm's foreman. Goaded into a fight Joe knocks Garreth out and the panicked pair flee. To avoid suspicion and hard up for cash the couple endure an audience wedding then learn Garreth has died and Joe is wanted for his murder. Moving from town to town to elude capture they try to build a new life when Joe get a job as a photographer on a newspaper after capturing pictures of fleeing bank robbers but destiny is still on their trail. Solid Warner Bros. social issue drama with two excellent lead performances.

    You Only Live Once (1937)-Ex-con Eddie Taylor (Henry Fonda), recently released due to the influence of his fiancĂ©e Joan (Sylvia Sidney) the public defender’s secretary, attempts to stay to the straight and narrow after they marry. Things go wrong however when he’s accused and convicted for a bank robbery he didn’t commit in which six people were killed. Sentenced to fry in the electric chair he escapes on the eve of execution with the aid of a smuggled gun, accidentally killing the prison chaplain while fleeing. Taking Joan with him they go on the lam but only tragedy lays ahead. Bleak Fritz Lang directed film, an amalgam of the Bonnie & Clyde legend and Lang’s reaction to his first wife’s embrace of Nazism, is considered the precursor to film noir.

    Lighthearted Extra-Midnight Run (1988)-Fun adventure comedy/buddy film of bounty hunter Robert DeNiro taking fugitive mob accountant Charles Grodin cross country to collect his reward and dogged every step of the way by the FBI, Mafia and other bounty hunters all of whom want Grodin for reasons of their own. DeNiro & Grodin have a spiky exasperated chemistry with each other that adds greatly to the comedy of the situation.

    1. Cummins was ice cold and crazy - made her so watchable. For T&L I think the ending is partly the reason why I like it - its so 'screw you guys!' but I have only seen it a few times. The times i have seen it, its been special.

      Ah Midnight Run! I wanted to see this after The Matinee did this as a blind spot. Dust Be My destiny also sounds good :)

  2. I haven't seen Minority Report in years. I haven't seen the other two. (I know, I should put Thelma and Louise on a Blind Spot)

  3. We match with Gun Crazy! Love this film with a broad who really is nuts. Thelma and Louise kind of pissed me off...first the Geena Davis character is...stupid and she just needs a slap. The. Why should 2 strong female gals end up smiling as they fly off a cliff. I hated that ending. Minority Report is an excellent film and a very unique Screenplay...great choice.

    1. I thought you might pick it :) great minds think alike! Yes Thelma is kinda dumb but she grows up throughout the film at least.

  4. I also went with Thelma & Louise, I absolutely love it!

    1. Such a great film....but strangely enough I don't own it! Need it asap!

  5. Katie, I have never seen "Thelma & Louise" but I believe it's on Netflix. Depending on the type of film, I normally do not like female dominant movies. I really don't like to see women behaving unfeminine. Your second flick is new-to-me and it sounds like something I'd enjoy. As for the "Minority Report", we saw it but it didn't leave a lasting impression with me so I reckon we weren't crazy about it. We may have to watch it again. Thanks for sharing your fabulous selections and for your visit. Have a gr8 weekend! ;)

  6. Nice picks! Minority Report - YES. One of my favorites!