Sunday, 14 August 2016

I Can't Believe I Saw It At The Cinema

The evolution of going to the cinema with friends as teenagers went from dance flicks and rom-coms to mild horror and bad horror film remakes. As we all got older, my friends craved horror films for the scares and no other reason. Unfortunately, I went through a slightly anti-social phase around this time. Not sure how or why but it felt that way. I came out of it by the time I was in Year 11 (16 years old), I even had an illegal house party which I sort of managed to cover up quite well. BUT my friends’ taste in films didn’t change much. There were a couple of kindred spirits who came to see films like ‘Walk the Line’ and ‘Constantine’, which I enjoyed and that is why it is not on this list. But otherwise, it was lesser films and a film I’m torn by.

When a Stranger Calls
I don’t think this horror remake had a certificate higher than 15. My friends and I weren’t asked for ID and there weren’t really any bloody horror moments. It was more about the suspense and the ridiculousness of the whole thing. I respect anyone who is a fan of the horror genre and can write in depth about it in an interesting and engaging way, but sometimes, I think this genre is just full of films such as this one. I was pushed into seeing this film about a teenager who agrees to babysit two children in a very unusual house in the middle of nowhere. My friends wouldn’t look up film times, they’d say let’s turn up and see what’s on resulting in us seeing this terrible film in the middle of the day. I sat through most of the film either looking at the floor or laughing. I enjoyed the day out but not spending my money or time on this.

Underworld: Evolution
To my shame, this was one film I really wanted to see because I enjoyed the first Underworld film. I had no idea, again, that this would turn into a franchise. My friend and I were worried about getting into an 18 certificate film that I tried to persuade my Dad to buy the tickets for us. Instead our friend, who was very confident and looked younger than both of us, bought the tickets. Back in 2006 the rules of the cinema were a lot more relaxed. Vampire Selene is united with hybrid Michael and they go on a quest to stop the murderous Vampire elder, Marcus, who has, for some reason, gone on a rampage and murdered a whole coven. It wasn’t very good. But I enjoyed it at the time, I even bought the DVD. But my interest in this film waned and I sold the DVD a few years back.

Jurassic Park 3
For me, this was meant to be my crossover film. I’ve had a great ‘film relationship’ with the Jurassic universe. I loved Jurassic Park when I was really young, my Dad had a special edition VHS and we actually wore it out. The Lost World, which wasn’t the best, was the film that was the most over exposed. My sister and I featured in promotional photographs for the merchandise in the Daily Express. It was all meant for competitions but my sister and I got to keep all of it (there was plenty to go round). Jurassic Park 3 was my turn around, or at least it was meant to be.

I had left primary school and was about to start secondary school, one of my childhood friends, who is now one of my best friends, suggested we go to the cinema. We both wanted to see Jurassic Park at a time where everyone wanted to tacky films and I was more than happy to go. My friend made me walk 3 miles to the cinema because she didn’t want to pay for the bus. Around this time, I was made to walk to the cinema quite often. I even walked that route in heeled boots but that’s another story. I later found out, later meaning 5 years, that my friend was a budding film fanatic too. We both enjoyed the film, as I remember, and I ended up seeing it 2 more times. Obviously nothing much was on that Summer. 


  1. Love this post! What is it about our youth that makes us all go through that horror phase? My cousin and little brother are reaching that age where they'll watch any horror around and claim it wasn't scary in the slightest, ha.
    - Allie

    1. Thank you :) - I'm guessing the 'thrills' of it all and wanting to seem older than you are. I remember my friends not being scared by The Ring or claiming not to be but then screaming senseless at One hour Photo. Aw the phase will pass an they'll look back and think 'why did I pay to see that?'

  2. Oh, the films I have wasted my money on, I dread to think... luckily I wasn't dragged to too many horror films by my friends (though Paranormal Activity 2 was one) I have been forced kicking and screaming to see 27 Dresses and Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Those are too particularly scarring memories.

    1. Ah I was almost tricked into seeing a Paranormal Activity but wriggled out of at the last minute. Kicking and screaming? That's impressive - who made you go?

  3. I saw Battlefield Earth at the cinema!