Friday, 15 July 2016

I Can't Believe I Saw It At The Cinema

I never got to see Titanic until it was released on VHS. I was too young to see it in the cinema but I remember the craze that surrounded it. I remember people saying they saw it 12 times and thinking that was absurd. But I think the total number of times people saw it in the cinema has hit the roof. My Dad took my sister to see it but I had to stay at home. When it was released on VHS my friend had a copy of it but we weren't allowed to watch certain parts so my friend and I hid behind the sofa. I didn't even get to the end before my parents picked me up. I got to see the entire film when my parents bought our own copy and I was blown away. I thought it was brilliant but sad. I think there was too much of a hype but its still a good film. But haters gonna hate right? So instead of Titanic, I saw an array of 'other' films that had the PG certificate.

An Ideal Husband
Let me refresh your memory. Back in 1999 I was 10 years old going on 11 depending when this film was released and my friend and her family were going to the cinema. I think I was at their house when this was decided. We all piled in the car and dashed to the cinema just in time to find out the film they wanted to see had already started. The only other film on at the time of our arrival was, An Ideal Husband. Bit of an odd one to take your children to even if it was a PG. Based on the Oscar Wilde play, Rupert Everett is Lord Goring, a philanderer who is asked by his friend to speak to Lady Cheveley who claims to have evidence of a crime, therefore ruining his reputation. It was entertaining enough except I didn't really know what was happening. Watching the film years later, I appreciated the story and even got the humour. 

The Mummy
Remember the trailer I saw before My Favourite Martian? Well, I got to see it in the end and it scared the s*** out of me! I was scared easily by things, I put it down to my wild imagination, meaning I always imagine the worst. I had nightmares about this film for years. I'm not joking. After some failures at the box office, Universal studio wanted to revisit the successful monster movie franchises from 1930s and so The Mummy was put into production. It was actually a surprise hit. British Eqyptologist Evelyn living in Cairo is given an unusual box and map leading to Hamunaptra. She strikes a deal with American Adventurer Rick, who can lead the way but the expedition encounters far more than they bargained for. I watched the sequel with no issues and didn't bother with the last installment. But I'm still scared of the first one. I think its the combination of the scarab beetles and the 'killing' of the American group. 

Lost In Space
DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!There seems to be a trend. I happened to see a few films that were based on an old TV series (My Favourite Martian, Charlie's Angels...). The reason why my family went to see Lost in Space was for three reasons, it was a PG and there wasn't much to choose from, it was about space and my sister had a massive crush on Matt Le Blanc. I think we saw it twice. That's what little choice there was. In the future Earth is dying, as per usual, so a nominated scientist, Robinson, and his family must venture into space to the next habitable planet and start to colonize. But the evil Dr Smith, Gary Oldman taking a break from worthwhile films, sabotages the ship and thus they are all lost in space. Not much happens in the film apart from the planet they crash land on which turns out to have a massive time hop thing going on and they encounter future Will Robinson. There's a terrible bit with spiders and mutations but other than that I really enjoyed it back then. We even had it on video!


  1. Omg, The Mummy. That's one of my favorites, and the sequel isn't too bad either. But I was creeped out by the scarab scenes too, especially the guy who gets attacked and it goes up his arm. EEEEEK!!! The third one doesn't exist to me. lol
    Love your new blog name!!

  2. The beetle going up his arm is horrible as you know what will happen next. In the sequel, I can't watch that moment when a fountain of those scarabs spill from the ground and start eating the people digging ahhhhh. It creeps me out! Hahahaha I have the same attitude towards the third one, especially as I didn't see it.

    Thank you! Glad you like it :)