Monday, 9 May 2016

The Leaky Rumour Mill

You know that film that came out last year and broke the box office? You know the one, it was set in space and there was fight between the light and dark sides? Even if you don't like Star Wars, you would have heard of it, seen the posters, seen those enthusiasts wearing the costumes so you would know.

But this post is aimed more at those who do love Star Wars, most likely more than me. I do indeed love Star Wars, the originals, not the prequels, and I was obsessed with The Force Awakens, seeing the film 3 different ways when it was released and of course pre-ordering the Blu-ray (I went all out this time). I quite that before the film was released there were speculations about the story, along with the multitude of articles, set photos, promo photos, art work and of course rumours. I am happy to say that I didn't look for spoilers and rumoured story lines. I wanted a surprise and I was not disappointed. But with 2 years to wait for the next release, there isn't much to fill the void of new Star Wars related stories out there. Of course, filming has begun on the second installment in the new trilogy and news about the film filters through the rumour mill. That is, until someone on Reddit decided to 'leak' the story lines for the next film.

I'm not a patient person, especially when it comes to films, mostly because it is not within my power to make release dates come sooner. With two years to wait for the release date, the folks at Disney have given up something to look forward to, a Star Wars Story, the first in a separate trilogy of Star Wars stories in the universe but do not focus on the Skywalkers of this world. First up is Rogue One directed by Gareth 'Monsters and Godzilla' Edwards which will be an account of the plans for the Death Star from the original films were stolen by the rebels. I am very excited for this film, having watched the trailer several time and it will serve as a distraction from waiting for the next Star Wars films.

Back to rumours and solid fact, a cast list has been revealed with speculation of who is playing who. A title has also been teased around the internet-sphere as Star Wars: Echoes of the Dark Side, which actually sounds quite good, but everything that follows makes my stomach hurt. Lots of online articles sprang up last week with the discovery of said rumours and script leaks, including The Guardian. You can read the full article HERE, but there are potential SPOILERS.

I clicked on the 'leak' link as I thought it would be just a bit of fun and possibly ridiculous. After reading it, I was surprised at how some of the plot lines sounded legitimate. Others were far fetched and could possibly be true. I read afterwards that scripts for The Force Awakens were also 'leaked' and and most of the plot was accurate to what was published. This got me worried. The leaked script, in my opinion is terrible. It doesn't seem like a worthy sequel and is not satisfactory in answering questions posed in TFA. My friend, a massive Star Wars fan said that he had started to read the leaks but said he'd rather be surprised, even if he doesn't like how the story goes. I also stopped digging at this point. I can't say I'll just pretend I never read them, they are etched in my mind now, but I will forget about them and continue to be excited for more films.

I have not included anything about the leaks as I don't think its right and I am really hoping that its all made up or just speculations. But just in case you are interested, you can find the 'leaked script' HERE.

I know by writing this post it seems like I am trying to 'spread the word' but what I am trying to do is gage what people's thoughts are. None that 'oh its only a film' response, just Star Wars fans talking about films they love. I also wanted to share my own thoughts (of course) on 'leaks' and how I thought it would amusing but actually ruins stories.

I have faith in Rian Johnson and I hope to Yoda that these leaks are inaccurate. Let's see if anything else surfaces between now and next year, when I'm guessing the first teaser trailer is out. Until 2017, please enjoy Rogue One trailer again HERE.


  1. Leaks are the absolute worst, at least spoilers are after the thing has actually been released.

  2. Spoilers, leaks, both are bad but leaks are worse, it ruins the enjoyment. It's my own fault for looking too deep in it.