Friday, 8 May 2015

So Fetch Friday - Breakaway

 Anyone who follows me on Twitter would have seen me holiday spamming like crazy this week. My apologies if this was too much. In my defence I haven't been in holiday since April last year when I went to Budapest with my sister. It was just time that I had another.

I chose St Ives, Cornwall. People had two reactions, first one was 'Why are you going there? Why not go to somewhere hot like Spain oe Thailand?'

Firstly, I don't want to go to Thailand. I have heard nothing great about that destination. Spain would be nice but I wanted to go somewhere where I spoke the language. As for somewhere hot? It does get hot here you know. Unfortunately I was unlucky with the weather but no matter. I get annoyed when people moan about going somewhere in the UK, this country has some amazing places and they are just as breathtaking as those abroad (I have been abroad too btw).

The second reaction was, 'That's great! Hope you have fun!' This reaction I liked.

I originally thought it was time for a holiday as I was getting stressed at work and needed a break. But this stress break also coincided with me needing a place to write without distraction. It worked so well last time I visited Cornwall, I started my novel (and it will be finished, not harass me). But to be honest, I wrote out my story again and quite a few notes about said draft. I did try writing it on my laptop but unfortuately I was distracted and wrote a few blog posts instead - some yet to be posted.

My break was half successful in my writing and 100% successfull in my thurst for a mini adventure. I was staying in a cottage of my own, The Old Workshop, and I would reccomend doing this rather than a hotel or B&B anytime. I was a few minutes from the town centre, its a very small town, which I loved, it even had a cinema, which I of course visited. The beaches of St Ives were all within 2 minutes walk. There were countless galleries to enjoy and I did visit the Tate and stared at some questionable photography and admired the building and the view it had. I did quite a bit of walking and actually enjoyed it! I think it was the sea air and the amazing views that pushed me to it.

I stepped out one day with just the intention of walking on the Porthmeor beach but the sea air guided me onto the coastal path that curves round towards Sennen and St Just. It was narrow for some of it and nearly all very close to the edge, it was brilliant! I had an urge to continuously climb down to the rock with the waves crashing up. My photos I took cannot full express how beautiful the views were. The only downside in all this was the weather.

It was bright sunshine for a few of the day and rained mostly at night but it was so windy all week, you couldn't feel the warmth from the sun. Oh well, it was nice waking up to seagulls and the sound of waves outside. I really want to go back to Cornwall. The sea is always calling me.

Remember, let's #MakeFetchHappen - an excellent idea from 'Girl Meets Cinema'


  1. Interesting. I've never been to England (though I have experienced it through my fair share of British films and television), but I wouldn't mind going someday. It's funny. I've been to Italy, France, several parts of the United States, Quebec, and I spent part of my childhood in Switzerland, but I don't think I've ever been to Britain. Those photographs make it look like you saw some some interesting things, especially the coastal shots (though that may be my inherent fascination with all things nautical). Even the seagull looks pretty good.

  2. I would definitely reccomend a visit here, its not all bad :) The British coast is something to behold. London is great for a few days visit but its the coast that is beautiful and some other cities. I gotta say, I do like nautical themed things too, I think its in the blood. My dad used to sail and he paints mostly nautical scenes and ships. Aha the seagull, thank you Instagram for that one. I did take some better photos with my 35mm film camera, black and white, but have to get them developed first. I've been to New York but otherwise just been around Europe. I do plan to go further a field one day though.

  3. Cool pics boo! Shame about the weather, although it lookslovely and sunny...! X

  4. thanks boo! It was sunny but oh the windy weather - a warning was even given during the week x