Wednesday, 11 March 2015

One For The Canines

With Crufts just gone this weekend and being a dog lover but sadly not owner, I thought I'd dedicate a post to mutts at the movies or those daring dogs of the silver screen. But first a nod to the winner of Best in Show, Knopa, a Scottie dog from Russia.

I've tried to be fair, four animated dogs and three real dogs, but I admit, most are terriers.

Starting with Jock, the Scottish Terrier from Disney's 'The Lady and the Tramp'. A classic tale of class divide oh and love I suppose. Jock is adorable and I've started with him because this year's Best in Show at Crufts was a Scottish Terrier, which hasn't won since 1929. I love Jock not only because I particularly love terriers but he is complete with Scottish accent as well.

Of course I had to include the four legged star of the Oscar winning film, 'The Artist'. Simply called, the Dog in 'the Artist, Uggie is a Jack Russell Terrier and even has his own biography. He is a brilliant performer and audiences loved him. Uggie was awarded the Palm Dog at Cannes the year the film was released.

Comic, animated, major film star, Snowy is the companion of Herge's Tintin. I wanted to show the classic image of Snowy, who is a Wire Fox Terrier, from the original comic books. Snowy is also a film character if we count the animated TV series and feature films. He is loyal, adventurous and actually likes to drink too.

 Yes, its another Jack Russell Terrier, this time it's Milo from 'The Mask'. Apparently it was the first film that Max the dog had been in and led to a few ad-libbed scenes. I suppose everyone who loves that film remembers him with the mask on and the horrible cartoon green head, but my favourite scene is when Milo is jumping up the wall to his owner in a jail cell.

 The story of Sparky and his owner Victor made me almost cry. All Victor wanted to do was keep his pet dog alive. Sparky, the Bull Terrier from 'Frankenweenie' is brilliantly animated. It's a great story and love that it is child friendly version of all the classic horror films and gothic tales. Tim Burton had a winner here.

 Hooch, from 'Turner and Hooch', the classic film where Tom Hanks has to look after the dog of a murder victim as he is the only witness, is hilarious and sad. Hooch, played by Beasley the dog, is a French Mastiff or if you want to be fancy, a Dogue de Bordeaux. Finally stepping away from terriers. I like to think if this film being about man's best friend who slobbers over everything but you still love him despite of it.


 Man's true best friend, or more precisely, Wallace's best friend, Gromit, the dog more intelligent than his owner. He has to endure a villainous penguin, being framed for murder, being chased by a were-rabbit and coping with Wallace's breakfast routines. Gromit, who is actually a Beagle, is a true marvel in the canine and animated world.