Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year's Resolutions

In the wake of 2015, I have traveled through the 1940's and danced at a Blitz party, gone through the one of the worst journeys home and started the New Year with a cold and cough I ended the last year with.

Last year's resolutions weren't all complete as I aimed too high and there were so many of them. I was being optimistic as I had completed all but one of my goals in 2013. Trying to keep it simple this time around.

1. Write more of my novel - I'm slowly slowly getting there

2. Excercise - I have the bike so I have the means to make an effort. Plus I really need to stick to my gluten & wheat free diet.

3. Go on holiday - even if its a short break

4. De-clutter - selling, sorting, organising

5. Branch out - creatively, socially (meaning try new places) and personally

I will also aim to watch more films, taking part in the Blind Spot this year which looks exciting, post to follow up on that. I am also changing the blog (gasp) and giving it a whole new(ish) look and name and probably direction. I will be doing more writing, I'm determined, especially as I am doing my course later this month. All set for the new year!


  1. Wow! Gluten and wheat?! Very impressive, could never do that.
    What's the novel about? When can we read it? :)

  2. Gluten and wheat free, but once you get into it, you get used it. The cakes I've made have been ok, can't taste the difference, but with bread you can.

    Aha! The novel, trying to go for a murder mystery type thing by way of a comedy set in the countryside - not that original but trying to give the genre a twist with the characters. When I'm done, you can all have a read :)