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September Watch List

This was an interesting film with an unusual mixture of actors, some playing unpredictable characters. For example, Jennifer Aniston plays a sort of trophy wife, who her cheating, rich and possibly doing something illegal husband Tim Robbins hates. He plans to divorce her and marry his mistress, Isla Fisher. She actually plays a predictable part. John Hawkes also plays out of character, one third of crime team who kidnaps Aniston and blackmail Robbins for money, they know he's done something illegal with his development schemes. But the catch is, he doesn't want his wife back. That's where the plot begins. Apart from the creepy Nazi loving third of the kidnappers, the film is really enjoyable and Aniston is really good as Micky. Unwanted wife and wanting to leave her husband as much he wants to leave her. It's quite amusing in some parts too, especially with Will Forte who is just an idiot. Not predictable in anyway, an enjoyable low key crime drama with minimum violence.

At first, the trailers annoyed me. It felt and sounded like a predictable story. Funny woman, loses man, has a one night stand becomes pregnant now her life is ruined. I don't understand why most stories about women 'going through something' have to involve them either getting pregnant or their wedding being put off. Those seem to be the two choices, but saying this, Obvious Child is not so obvious. Yes, Donna (Jenny Slate) is a stand up comic where her gigs are at one place and she loses her job in a bookshop after it closes down and yes, he boyfriend has been cheating on her but after she has a one night stand with an adorable guy, she finds out that she is pregnant. She decides on the spot that she wants an abortion and its not a big deal. This is why I think this film. It gets on with life. It is a romantic comedy but its a clever and bearable one and feels more realistic. Not once did I say out loud, 'as if'. When I went to see it, the woman who severed me said 'oh, you do know what its about right, it's been difficult to explain it to people.' The film doesn't centre on what would sometimes be the plot of the whole film and its really about Donna trying to come with a new routine and telling the adorable guy she's having the abortion without the awkwardness. 

Its a film I've been waiting for almost a decade and it turns out its a film that could have been better. Sin City, is my favourite film. I ave several reasons, one of them is that the source material was so new and gritty and the characters, while all grimy and glossed in noir-isms, all were distinctive and different. This film is good, but its not the same. There is just must going on, the different stories do not blend well together. In fact all but the title story wasn't needed which is a shame because if had just been 'A Dame to Kill For' they could have expanded the story. I loved the book but this felt too loosely made. I think Robert Rodriguez left it too long between films. Especially a few keys cast members had died since the first film, which is a shame. Too many recasts. Still looks good though, like watching the graphic novel.

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I must be like my sister's old English teacher, I do love John Cusack. I know he's in Maps to the Stars playing a similar tempered character but in this he's a bitter washed up poet, admired by Emma Robert's aspiring poet. I love Cusack in Grosse Point Blank and other back in the day roles but lately, its been murder this, murder that, seeing him as a bitter poet is slightly better though. Simple story, Roberts wants to be a poet, set her mind to it so much that she still lives at home and has no job. Her parents kick her out to spur her on. She finds a job in a porn shop, the shop in the title where she made friends with a transvestite and the her real life boyfriend Evan Peters. She also manages to stalk Cusack, the poet she worships. Its great little tale of growing up and shit poetry.

Film Rant - verbal review

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