Thursday, 18 September 2014

It's All About The Schedule

I have to thank my sister a thousand times for last week. I feels like it was ages ago now seeing as I am a tad late with post this week, apologies all round. Since my birthday, in fact a bit before that, I have been quite busy.

I've started German lessons as work so Tuesdays basically do not exist. I've been trying to be proactive so I've booked a refresher driving lesson for this month so I won't be yelled at by my parents. Long story there. I have been catching up on Haven so I was ready for season 5, actually so many new shows are starting plus the returning few. I have also been clearing out my room, sort of. I've tried to get rid of things but every time I look, its all papers and scrapbooks and useful bits. So, I suppose you can kind of excuse me for the lateness?

Last week, actually my birthday was week before, anyway, I asked for three things for my birthday. A milk froather, which will be purchased soon, a bottle of Kahlua and BFI membership.

With that membership I was able to get the tickets and screenings I wanted, yes, of course I am talking about the return of BFI London Film Festival. I was and still am beyond excited about this event. Roughly 2 weeks of films all around London. I have been to the festival every year since 2006 when I went to see Steve Buscemi give a talk AND walked on the red carpet for the first time to see his new film, The Interview, at the time. I love the festival and scream with excitement every year when the catalogue comes out.

I have to admit, last year was amazing, I think I saw 6 films and I reported on all but one I think. I had an amazing time. This year I was unable to go wait in line for the tickets as I was at work and booked the wrong day off. My lovely sister, who I thanked at the start, went in my stead. I'm sure she didn't appreciate me sending texts saying 'I wish I was there' as the reply was usually 'I wish you were too' as in, 'I wish I never had to do this'.  But good news, I paid for a ticket to go with me to a screening as a thank you. I have 5 films booked and I am bursting at the seams I am that excited to go.

I made a schedule, like I do every year. This was to help my sister and because it looks great. Apprently, other people in the queue have their own type of schedule.

If you live in London and don't work insane hours and if you can, book a ticket to something, you'll enjoy it. BFI

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