Sunday, 6 July 2014

It's A Jungle In There!

No, not sport. If you're looking for sporty things, you are definitely in the wrong place.

I mean the drinking game. The film drinking game. Plus a megaphone.

Last week's choice, a classic 90's family film filled with adventure, laughter and highly dangerous animals. Jumanji. I hear those drums beating again.

The event was hosted by a friend from work had the best place for it, she had a projector! Jumanji on the wall. The game was and is simple. It is simple as we plan on doing this game again, there's been talk of Space Jam. And was simple because it was, film plays, I yell out the rules, we all drink.

I always advise, drinks responsibly, know your limits and choose your drinks carefully. When we all watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, one was to drink whenever its obvious the Bucket family were poor. One member in our company found out that vodka is not their drink, there was crying involved during this rule.

I was in charge of rules and thought about them carefully, there has to be enough that we drink but also have gaps to breath. It's also a game so it just be easy. Luckily I had my megaphone this time as it was crowed during the last game, I got a sore throat from yelling out the rules, plus I was quite out of it.

The rules for playing Jumanji: Drinking Game

Drink when:
-the dice is rolled
-when a clue or rule is read out
-you hear the game drums
-the name 'Parrish' is said or seen (this one is a killer for the first 10 minutes)
-the game changes hands (another killer for about 5 minutes during the shopping scene, the game changes hands so many times)
-a monkey (not Peter) is on screen
-something happens to Carl's car - a shot for when it is finally carried away by the giant plant
-you see the stumpy rhino lagging behind
-whenever Van Pelt shoots his gun
-when the games ends
-when someone says 'Jumanji'

-Do a shot when Van Pelt screams in the supermarket

-Don't make up random rules during the film

Now go and enjoy a cheap night in with film loving friends. I also recommend; Die Hard, Indiana Jones, Beetlejuice, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park - I'm working on adding these rules too.

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