Thursday, 6 June 2013

Captain Lestrange Has Landed

I have arrived. I am in Penzance, Cornwall. It has been amazingly sunny all day and I am loving it!

It has been ages since I have had a break, a real break anyway, not just weekends.

The journey started in Paddington station where I, for the first time, got to see the Paddington Bear statue and visit the shop. I have loved Paddington Bear since I was young and read the books, watched the TV show. A little dream came true.

After that I dashed down the platform after waiting ages in Starbucks for my coffee, which was actually the wrong order, and quickly found my seat. I was then uprooted by a massive group traveling together and swapped seats with them. They did ask nicely and they were asleep for most of the journey so I don't mind. I didn't appreciate the screaming baby though. For the part of the journey where I was awake (it was a 5 hour train ride) I saw the amazing British coast, so pretty.

I'm not going to lie, by the fourth hour I had a serious case of numb bum. I had to keep twisting in my seat just so I remembered it could move. I was also very tired having stayed up late packing and washing my hair last night. Not the best plan but hey, I got to my destination in one piece. Whe I stepped of the train I was almost blinded by the sun and was a tad disorientated and so I had a little trouble finding the tourist office. It was right next to the station. The dear old man at the desk came over to help but didn't actually answer my only question. No matter I picked lots of leaflets. Mmmmm free leaflets.

It also took me a while to find my B&B which was meant to be 11 minutes from the station. I ended up using my phone and not my pre printed and researched map. It led me a strange way and went off map just as it was telling me to climb over some residential fences. So glad I did because as I turned a corner I saw the ocean and it was beautiful! I could smell the salty sea air and it reminded me of all the family holidays we went on when we were younger.

The first thing I did when I got settled in my room (its just perfect!) I had a cup of tea! Then I went out in search of food. Instead I walked along the promenade taking in the sea and the surroundings. Sorry if that sounds poncey. I explored around the town too while trying to find an open cafe. It was only 5pm but most things were shutting or already shut. I managed to find Chapel Street, a famous place in Penzance, a cinema (of course) and vegetarian cafe I was looked up. So I have a plan for the next few days and places to visit.

But like all things, my plan has changed slightly.

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