Sunday, 9 December 2012

Seal (of some sorts) of the Day

When it gets closer to Christmas I am hoping for more seal realted gems to pop up everywhere, but seeing as its only a little over two weeks til the big Christmassy day, I'm not so sure. I can rely on those awesome people at Ohh Dear to keep me entertained.

Just browsing through their photos of awesome designs (sadly not all seal themed) and other bits and pieces, this is posted up on their facebook wall.

I looked at it for a while wondering if I actually liked it or not. But the more I starred at this poor dog in this hilarious costume, I decided that it was genius. The dog's expression makes the picture.

This cheered me up while I'm trying to revise and get over whatever illness this is. Spent most of yesterday afternoon in bed/sofa feeling rather under the weather. But this has made me feel a tad better and spurred me on my seal quest.

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