Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee, Magic Dance and Biscuits

This weekend was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and to celebrate (because I'm sure, even in a small way) we Brits had/attended some sort of party/event.

On the Saturday while being driven around my home town to get to a working oven, I saw some street parties going on. The street party down 'Jubilee Avenue' looked amazing. They even had the road blocked off for the day. It made me happy to think that everyone was celebrating. Our family had a little get together on the Monday. It started out quite sunny but unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side and we only went into the garden to take photos, couldn't waste the bunting.

We all made something. My aunties made some salads and Coronation Chicken, my sister made cakes, I made my biscuits (yes they are dinosaurs) and my mum made everything else. After lunch we all had tea, lots of tea. My tea cups and tea pots were put to use, they hadn't been used since my Un-Birthday tea party. It was all very British, suited to the Jubilee celebrations.

In the evening we did watch the end of the events happening in Buckingham Palace. A definite highlight was seeing Madness not only perform on the roof but also top Stevie Wonder, never saw that coming. 10 years ago we were all standing on the Mall celebrating the Golden Jubilee, then fighting the crowds to get home. I am dreading the Olympics.

I know I am writing this backwards but on the Sunday my sister and I, after a very long time, finally got tickets to the Prince Charles Cinema's Labyrinth event, the masquerade ball. Everyone must know the 1986 film Labyrinth starring David Bowie and Jim Henson puppets. A truly amazing film. We of course made some fabulous masks and wore them proudly.

Top is my sister's and her quote is: "Through dangers untold". My mask quote, below is: "You have no power over me". The quotes are the beginning and end of a longer speech Sarah, the heroine, gives at the end of the film.

At the cinema we were kept entertained first by a David Bowie montage then by an impersonator, dressed in his signature costume from the film, complete with crotch and all. And yes there were many jokes about the crotch, it even got cheers when it appeared on screen. We all had a chance to sing and dance to 'Magic Dance' before the film started too. There was also a costume competition and the winner was a guy dressed as Sir Didymus, but the female Bowie and the woman dressed as the worm (inspired) were close. Shame I didn't take a photo.

The screening was audience participant based so we all got to shouts out quotes or quote/sing along. We were also given goody bags with some bubbles, for the masquerade ball scene and a popper for the end of the speech.

The evening was so much fun!!!

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