Monday, 16 April 2012

Filming in Progress - The Zombies are Friendly

This weekend Raar! Films starting filming their shorts leading up to their feature film, Flamingo Close. I was lucky to be part of this awesome crew. We had a very few busy days shooting and the result (link below) is, awesome!

As for the story, I don't want to give any details away just yet but I'll just say that the shoot involved plenty of fake blood spattered on the wall (including a hand print of mine), a trashed office and a horde of zombies complete with a zombie wrangler. There is going to be a collection of short films featuring some of the same characters before and after the zombie outbreak. To watch the video, follow RAAR! Films on Facebook and Twitter, but to get you excited, here are a few production stills.





Above is the whole cast and crew. Watch this space for more updates on Flamingo Close and RAAR! Films and also, spread the zombie love!

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