Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Crossover

I have been looking for ages for a new topic to moan talk about but all I had was how annoying and nasty the job market is. Then just a few minutes ago (this morning), something landed in my lap, a story about a beloved actor/director taking a mainstream Hollywood shiz role after years of being in/making indie films. This usually happens quite quickly, you get attached to an actor, actress or director, they make amazing things then they move over to the dark side. They say its because I love the project but its always for the money. Its sad but true. Fair enough the money is good but that reputation they have taken years to build is lost in a terrible 2 hours.

I am of course, if you hadn't heard/read the news (film related news) talking about Gael Garcia Bernal. He has been announced as the new Zorro for the film, 'Zorro Reborn'. More like 'Zorro Rebooted: We Can't Be Bothered to Write Anything New. Very disappointing.

But he is not the only one. Antonio Banderas was an amazing actor in his early films, such as 'Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!', 'Matador' and 'Philadelphia'. Then he made 'The Mask of Zorro', 'Spy Kids', 'Spy Kids 2' and 'Take the Lead'.

British actors have a very bad habit of doing this. They appear in a few British films or television programmes, then suddenly they are trapped in USA appearing in random parts or background idiots. Or as a villain. This, I think, makes me the most annoyed/angry because the British are forever being typecast as the 'bad guy' or 'bad girl' or in a Rom-Com, the person is pushed aside for the other person to waltz in and win the day. But that's Hollywood.

As much as I love Tom Hiddleston and all his films, I can see him crossing over and its sad. They always say that they love England and that they'll never leave but they always do. He may be playing Loki in 'Thor' and (coming soon) 'The Avengers' but he is still playing the villain. Soon he won't be remembered for giving an amazing performance in 'The Deep Blue Sea' but for playing that hack British guy in USA Rom-Com trash bag.

Another British actor who is now lost forever is Henry Cavil. He was known as the unluckiest actor for missing out on three major roles and playing that character that was just out of frame most the time. Then he starred in The Tudors or as I like to call it 'Tudor history for Americans' (because the historical facts are ALL WRONG). From there, it all kicked off. He was in a really bad Wood Allen film and finally got cast in the cursed role as Superman. I remember when he was in 'I Capture the Castle', he played such a sad character and he was great in the role.

Its sad to think of all the actors and actress' that I admired and how many of them have crossed over or in some cases (Simon Pegg) sold out. They always say they are passionate about the project but its actually about the money. If you think about who you admire now, and they would have crossed over in the next 3-5 years.

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