Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Its A Scandel, Its An Outrage!

I was going to write a simple post about how I really don't like women with prams trying to run me over when I'm trying to catch the bus BUT when I saw the list of nominations for this year's Oscars, I was more outraged.

I have to say though, most of the awards worthy films were released from September but only the ones that come out in December and January or haven't even been released yet get nominated. I know may people reading this will get annoyed me and tell me that the Oscars are always like this, and deep down I know, it shouldn't let all these awards get to me. BUT when I see a really good film, I think it should at the very least get a nomination because it deserves recognition. Then I see the list of nominations for Best Picture, 6 out of 9 of the films are either terrible and over blown or just simply (in my opinion) don't deserve to be there. This list is as follows:

The Artist - yes its deserving and I think it should win. The entire film is amazing, I have nothing bad to say about it (as you can read in my post about it)
The Descendants - WHAT??? REALLY? I've only seen bad reviews or negative comments. The only reason it is here is because George Clooney and people love that guy. Also the director Alexander Payne, made a nominated film a few years back (Sideways).
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - Urgh. Mush, pure weepy mush. There's one every year.
The Help - I approve! But not enough to have it in this list.
Hugo - WHAT! Don't get me started on how much that boy actor can't act. Sorry but the first time I saw him was in an episode of Ashes to Ashes and he almost ruined a really great episode, now he ruins films.
Midnight in Paris - Again, I approve because I love the 20's and the twist. But not enough.
Moneyball - THIS IS THE WORST! Another sports film, another sports film that is dull and does not make me interested in the sport.
The Tree of Life - I knew this would be on the list, so I'll let them have this one.
War Horse - I don't care what people are saying about this film, it was beautiful to look at, the story was engaging and the best part, all British and European actors, with their own accents. This deserves to be here.

That is just one list. But don't worry I'm going to complain about every list. On the other hand, there have been plenty of snubs. Such as that amazing film, the film as has been named film of the year by countless publications and by people, that film, Drive. Snubbed. And the Oscars think that (laughs) Moneyball, is more worthy!!!!! Another snub, The Adventures of Tintin. Pure genius and it got pushed over for what? Rango. Tintin was amazing (already wrote everything in a previous post). Complete outrage.

I have a few other gripes about lead actress nominations such as Rooney Mara for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She was ok but Noomi Rapace was the only Lisbeth that should have been nominated, but because David Fincher directed the new film, the lead gets a nomination.

Another disappointing Oscar year, that can only be redeemed if The Artist sweeps the board and The Muppets win original song.

Here is a link to the list so you can judge for yourselves: http://oscar.go.com/nominees

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