Saturday, 25 June 2011

Three Interesting Walks and One Hell Of An Exhibition

On Thursday afternoon I planned to go see a photography exhibition which was near Brick Lane, which I did, but I also discovered (for myself) an awesome part of London.

I got off the tube at Old Street and immediately got myself lost. I was looking for a particular exit and I literally walked down every turning before i found the right road, at least I found a Starbucks on the way. Then I followed my map to an almost alley called Rivington Street. It was awesome! Pubs and unusual cafes and shops and galleries galore. It was my kind of place. I was actually looking for a particular bookshop called Artwords because I knew it stocked a certain magazine. It was amazing, it had every kind of art/photography/fashion/some film magazines, I wanted to buy them all! After I bought Popshot (a really awesome poetry and illustration magazine) I continued on my journey to find the exhibition. I walked through Shoreditch and a few other places and passed some really awesome looking pubs/bars/taverns that I really need to try out at some point. I eventually found my way, thanks to my trusty map, and passed an Urban Outfitters, this location was complete. I think I have to live there.

I finally reached the Photography exhibition and it was incredible. The work was amazing, I was seriously impressed. There were quite a few University and Colleges there, all with their work displayed in unique ways. Each school was complete with an open bar but I only took wine from Farnham's bar. I went there to admire Rachel's work and was awesome. (Rachel's website link is at the bottom of this page)

If you get a free afternoon go and see the work. The exhibition is on until 27th June at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. In true Katie fashion I did go round to all the school's work and picked up postcards of various work because I do like picking things up. The journey back was a tad harder as I had injured my ankle but I was a little tipsy so the pain didn't set in until I got on the train. I had a really good time. The whole exhibition was amazing and can't stop saying it.

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