Monday, 11 April 2011

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Went into to London today with my housemate to enjoy the glorious sunshine and to buy things. I shouldn't have done really, as I am almost broke from making my film. Speaking of which I have edited another scene and a half, bringing the total up to 4 minutes, which is technically not good for me if I want to keep all the funny parts in. I don't want to have to cut characters out either, but never fear I will make a director's cut and a submission cut, like I usually do.

Last week I had a mock interview for ITV, it was part of a module and so quite important. I hadn't really thought about the job title that much but when it was explained to me in detail, I decided, that this is the job for me. A junior research developer, or something. It's a stepping stone on the way to being able to create your own television shows, which is almost exactly what I want to do, but not to work for ITV, I'd prefer if it was HBO. So if I aim for this job, I'll have money to buy things, such as the nice new headphones, which are perfect for editing and another addition to my giant mug collection, an Alice in Wonderland illustrated mug from Urban Outfittetrs, and of course another Tin Tin book, you can't have enough Tin Tin books. I believe all these things will help me in my future career, especially the mug.

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