Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Two Words, Space Detective!

Started out as a joke, but is now a reality, Space Detective started production today! Crazy morning, four actors, two make up artists, four crew and of course, my parents, all in the house either drinking tea, getting make up done, or listening to some rather disgusting opinions from a crew member, but it was an awesome day. I shouldn't speak too soon as I don't want to jinx the next three days. So tired from previous shoot but we still had time to prepare for the next day of shooting by making fake blood and covering an apron with it. If tomorrow is anything like today, I'm looking forward to it. Luckily there won't be any murderous geese around.


  1. Awesome picture, it looks pretty professional! glad the shoot is going well, I'm excited for Friday!

  2. thanks antzy! the food was awesome! more cakes!