Thursday, 22 June 2017

Thursday Movie Picks: The Woods

The Village
Technically this set in a village in the middle of the woods. Hated by some but I really enjoyed this folktale like story. A blind girl as the heroine of the story who falls in love with the strong silent man in the village, who wants to go to the towns to find help and medicine, but is denied by the elders. The first twist (its Shyamalan, there is always going to be a twist) is no surprise. The second, you don't see coming and is really odd and out of place but hey it works after all.

The Edge
I remember that my family taped this and I think it had something to do with Alec Baldwin. Anthony Hopkins is a wealthy man married to a younger model, the then flavour of the month Elle Macpherson. They are on a photoshoot in the woods in a cabin or something then Baldwin, a photographer joins Hopkins and Harold Perrineau in a helicopter but end up going down in the middle of the forest. They are stalked and attacked by a bear and truths come out as well as some deaths. It was actually ok despite me not remembering much of it.

In a quiet Norwegian village, 19 year old Dag returns from military service and becomes part of the volunteer firebrigade. He starts setting fire inorder to create excitement and the need to help, but soon his fire get bigger and put lives in danger. There are some amazing shots, especially in the forests around the village. It's a strange character story but you never really get to know why Dag keeps setting fires, he isn't explored enough.

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  1. I hated The Village and The Edge scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. That bear was horrifying. lol

    1. Yeh the bear from what I remember was scary. Fun fact, that bear was kinda famous and The Edge was one of its final gigs

  2. We match! I picked The Edge as well and thought Bart the Bear was great...scared the hell out of me. I haven't seen The Village because it's M. Night:) I have not seen your last pic either

  3. The Village has some things I thought were good and many that made me scratch my head but it was okay overall. Haven't seen your last but we have a match with The Edge. Perhaps not a masterpiece but a decent adventure with good performances.

    This was a little more challenging than I expected but I managed three with my favorite one being the first.

    The Emerald Forest (1985)-Engineer Bill Markham is in Brazil with his wife Jean (Meg Foster) and young son Tommy (the film’s director John Boorman’s son Charlie) working on a hydroelectric dam on the edge of the rainforest. One day while the three are having a picnic near the site Tommy is taken by a forest tribe known as The Invisible People. Markham spends the next ten years searching the jungles for Tommy meeting many obstacles including the cannibalistic Fierce People along the way. Beautiful looking complex adventure based on true events.

    Sometimes a Great Notion (1970)-The Stamper family, father Henry (Henry Fonda), oldest son Hank (Paul Newman), his wife Viv (Lee Remick), younger brother Leeland and nephew Joe Ben (Michael Sarrazin & Richard Jaeckel) are independent Oregon loggers. When the local union loggers go on strike against the corporate giant that controls most of the area they urge the Stampers to join them but being struggling independents they fear they won’t survive and refuse. The tensions that run high among them and the townsfolk is mirrored within the family leading to conflict and tragedy. Based on a Ken Kesey novel this is a sometimes slow but extremely well-acted (Jaeckel is a particular standout) complicated family drama.

    The Edge (1997)-Uber rich Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) has gone with his model wife Mickey (Elle Macpherson) on a photo shoot to a remote mountain area along with photographer Robert Green (Alec Baldwin), who Charles suspects is involved with Mickey, and his assistant (Harold Perrineau). While Mickey stays behind the three men fly into the wilderness for nature photos but the plane crashes killing the pilot and the three men must struggle to survive not only the elements but the giant bear tracking them through the woods and ultimately each other.

  4. I haven't seen any of these but I think I'll watch Pyromaniac, it sounds interesting.

  5. I adore The Village. Ever since that movie I have been so fond of Bryce Dallas Howard, such a lovely, natural actress.

  6. Cool picks! I haven't seen The Village in ages but I really liked it too when it came. I was surprised Bryce wasn't nominated for something/anything.

  7. I love The Edge! I dunno, something about that movie that I always enjoyed. I can never get enough of Mamet's dialogue.

  8. The Edge has been around a lot this week. Need to check that one out. Always thought it looked good. The Village is the shit!

  9. We Match! I also picked The Edge and the Bear is the true star. I haven't seen The Happening but this is one I do want to see from M. Night who seems to have lost his mojo soon after The Sixth Sense. I haven't seen your lat one at all

  10. I think I haven't seen any of these... maybe I've seen a bit of The Village but I can't remember it exactly..

  11. I haven't seen The Village in a long time, but I remember liking. I like its folkish style mystery and the colors used in the movie; those yellow capes were very striking.