Thursday, 15 June 2017

Thursday Movie Picks: Movies Based on True Events

I have the honour of being the one who suggested this week's theme as I was going to use The Bling Ring. I was a little obsessed over this story for a short period of time as I was fascinated by the crimes and why the hell this bunch of kids did this. But I think I used the film for another theme so I'm going in with these...

Battleship Potemkin - Mutiny 1905 on the Russian Battleship Potemkin

Known for its amazing sequence on the Odessa Steps, this story about a crew of a battleship rebelling against the cruel officers is indeed based on real events. In Sergei Eisenstein's masterpiece, the crew are supported by the people on land who come to their aid who then gunned down on by the police. The crew of the battleship then aim their guns at the police but peace is restored when other ships refuse to fire on their comrades. A straightforward bloody picture with roots in a bloody battle. Although silent, it speaks volumes. I go into more depth HERE.

Pain & Gain - The Sun Gym gang

I never ever thought I would be picking a Michael Bay film but here we are. I saw this for free at a three day event where press got to see a whole bunch of films all day. It was a dream come true for me, even if this black comedy based on real events was screened. I also had to sit through The Wolverine.  Based on the Sun Gym gang, a group of bodybuilders who commited crimes including kidnapping, extortion, torture and murder, the film is changed slightly to become a story about the American Dream and how far a group of guys will go to get it. It is very funny in places but over all terrible, which is probably why I enjoyed it. I didn't delve too far in the real stories which is unsual for me but I had seen enough of this group of violent idiots.

Made in Dagenham - Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968

Seems like a run of the mill 'feel good' British drama set in the 60s - wrong! Musical adaptation aside, the story about the women of Ford who went on strike over the equal pay was a landmark labour-relations dispute that paved the way for progress. The story follows a group of women who protest sexual discrimination and demand equal pay, even going as far as protesting outside Parliament. It does make you feel good I'll admit but it also looks at the bigger picture and proves that we can do anything if we set our minds to it, especially if it is for the right cause.

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