Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Around the World: Poland

I completely misunderstood what this film was about. I think....

It was compared to Donnie Darko and I bought a ticket. Having seen it, I can understand the comparison but my gad was I confused with what was happening. I think I may have got some answers at the Q&A but as I had another film to run to, I missed out. 

The Erlprince, inspired by Goethe's poem, Der Erlkonig, mixed in with science fiction, an uncomfortable family set up and the end of the world, this confusing piece of film is at times difficult to follow. Although the characters were fascinating, there was no connection, it felt as if the audience weren't meant to become involved but instead have their noses pressed against the glass and try and catch a glimpse of the action and purpose.

A 14 year old old science prodigy tries to solve the theory of parallel worlds while trying to deal with his own demons and his overbearing ambitious mother. He has an obsession with the Goethe poem repeating it at various times. He also meets his father and begins a shaky bond. Throughout all this a reminder that the world is going to end appears on screen.

Disorientating at times, the story shifts to a science fiction tone, to a dysfunctional family set up to fantasy, especially when the films switches to the pond scenes. A favourite place that all three family members frequent. Underneath the chaos there is a simple story about a extraordinarily gifted boy who is tormented by his thoughts and years of study that over throw him into turmoil. 

Having not seen many if any Polish films, this was an intro I won't forget in a hurry. 

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  1. I've been waiting for a Polish film called The Lure to come out on DVD for ages, I've only seen Ida from Poland. That's too bad this one was a mess, the premise sounds interesting.