The 'She' of She Likes Movies is me, Katie and this is my place where I write and obsess about film and TV.

I am in love with, consumed by film and cinema. I started this blog to chronicle my dissertation and the making of my film in my last year of University. I was lucky enough to win an award for my film, Space Detective, which you can watch here. From there the blog transformed into a platform for my film thoughts and non film related activities. 

Having been brought up on the classics from Empire Strikes Back to Marx Brothers’ A Night at the Opera, I have been obsessed with film since I was young. I am an active member of The Park Circus Film Ambassador Network and have been writing on this blog, She Likes Movies, since 2011 (previously known as 'Ever So Ethnically Confused). I have written for Flamingo Magazine, Curzon Film Blog, Park Circus, Run Riot and regularly contribute to VultureHound magazine. As well as writing about film I enjoy making them. Along with my a very talented friend of mine from Uni, we are currently in production on our latest short with Raar! Films.

Top Ten Films
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
A Night of the Opera
Sin City
Hot Fuzz
The Royal Tenenbaums
O Brother Where Art Thou
The Big Lebowski
Rear Window
Some Like it Hot

Feel free to message me, whether is it film, fiction or even seal related:

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  1. I love your bio! I'll have to give Space Detective soon! It's so cool that you've made a film, congrats!

    You have a good choice in films as well! I think The Big Lebowski is a great film especially since it basically has no plot.