Thursday, 8 June 2017

Thursday Movie Picks: Double Features

I did use these two in a previous theme that was of course about reunions but as these two were actually part of a double feature I saw a few years ago, I could resist them again. Both amazing films with (I think I can say this) a bit of cult or just a following. Both from the 90s and both featuring high school reunions where the lead characters are trying to pretend they are something else and having to embarce who they are and what they want. Romy and Michele's brightly coloured world where they over come their past bullies and realise just how awesome they are through fashion and that beyond hilarious and amazing dance routine. Martin Blank is a hitman who is trying to get out of the game and win back his high school girlfriend who he can't forget. He is also trying finish 'that one last job' as well fend of rivals and FBI. Both films have great humour and complement each other in their uniqueness. 

These two films are obviously about the demanding world of ballet and how the work, stress and art of the dance world can mess you up psychologically.  The beautifully made film, The Red Shoes from Powell and Pressburger focuses on Vicky who is torn between ballet and her controlling instructor and the composer she has fallen in love with. Basically she is driven mad by the red shoes in the ballet story and by what happening in real life. With Black Swan, which may have been better with The Wrestler but I've not seen that, is Darren Aronofsky's crowning glory. A young ballerina is pushed to the brink of self destruction when she lands the role of the White and Black Swan in Swan Lake. She loses herself in the duel role and ultimately gives the best damn performance but its at a price. 

This one is obvious too, all about vampires. But what sets these two films apart is that they tell the vampire story from two very different angles as well as having a female character as the vampire. Both vampires befriend/become attached to a boy and try to help them in some way. They've both be around for decades and are tired. The stories follow a similar pattern of a few gruesome deaths and end with the journey to be continued.

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  1. I love your vampire double feature! Those are excellent films. I haven't seen The Red Shoes, but now I want to.

  2. Really interesting combinations! I love the idea of the Red Shoes with Black Swan. Nice job!