Thursday, 28 May 2015

Thursday Movie Picks: Mother-Son Relationships (Biologically Related)

Nice long title for this one, 'All in the Family Edition: Mother-Son Relationships (Biologically Related)' this week.

I know a friend of mine would jump straight to 'Savage Grace' but I'm going to side step any incesteuos picks. I have to admit that, after looking through my DVD collection, I don't favour films with mother-son centered relationships. But here goes:

How to Train Your Dragon 2
In the first film, its all about finding his own way, young Hiccup has strained relationship with his Dad and Chief and doesn't seem to have much in common until much later so it goes as follows that he would be like his Mum right? Correct! She is a great character and edition even though her reasons for staying away were actually ridiculous. She has the 'dragon charmer' gene from his Mum and the understanding of the creatures but the sense of adventure and what is right seems like Hiccup all on his own. Their reunion is odd but accepted quickly, giving time for them to bond with dragons.

Darjeeling Limited
The story is all about three brothers who handled their Father's death in different ways. It is also a story about three brothers coming together and just becoming brothers again, it usually takes a tragedy and or a quest to do this. It all happens in one story. Trying to find meaning in their Mother's swift disappearence and when finding her, she stays just a short while only to disappear from them again. Abandonment brings them together. But the moment that the three brothers grow up and realise that they don't need their Mother is near the end. Francis removes the bandages and says 'I guess I still have some healing to do'. His brothers are by his side.

Ed and His Dead Mother
Being a fan of Steve Buscemi I came across this little wonder when looking through his film history and realised I had never seen it. Buscemi plays Ed, run down hardware store clerk, is devastated when his beloved Mother dies. After a mysterious man offers the opportunity (money first of course) to revive his Mother he does. Chaos ensues and the lesson learned is; do not try to revive someone from the dead, they are never the same. But Ed throughout it still a real mamma's boy.

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  1. Nice picks! Love that scene from Darjeeling Limited. It's one of my favorites by Wes Anderson.

  2. I do love it too, I like it as the camera pans to show each character in close up, great soundtrack too.

  3. How to Train Your Dragon was on my list too, and loved the Darjeeling Limited pick!

  4. Can't escape the love for HTTYD :)