Friday, 29 May 2015

Fandom Friday: Fictional Characters I Identify With

For a short while I thought it was just the cast of Girls, and I still sort of do but I couldn't identify with just one alone, its a mixture. But if I had to pick 5 characters, these would be them.

Liz Lemon
I use her quite frequently in my examples but its because she is just so darn right. I agree with her on so important matters, such as the imprtance of cheese and meat plates and will have similar reactions to stupidly named bars, sometimes they are 'hipster nonsence'. I like to think I share her optimisim on some world views, everybody does just want a good sandwich. And od course, we like to write and give advice on things that we don't entirely know or understand, that's a dealbreaker ladies.

Daisy Steiner
Again, another writer, this time from British sitcom, 'Spaced'. I did at one time dress like I the 90s was thrown on me, probably still do from time to time. She is lazy but she's a good friend and is always ready to do something crazy and dramatic like break into a research facility to save her dog, Collin. I also think her decorating skills are pretty damn good, tin foil on everything. And her speech about boyfriends and sandwich toasters was spot on:

Daisy: In the end, our relationship was just like a sandwich toaster. You know, you just forget you've got one. And it just sits there on the top of the cupboard collecting a layer of greasy fudge. And even if you do see it you just assume it's broken, you think if it's working I'd be using it all the time, but you don't and it just sits there. Then one day, you get an overwhelming desire for toasted sandwiches, you know? And you get it down and it works, and you can't believe it, you know? And then you make every kind of toasted sandwich there is, you have toasted sandwich parties. You make Marmite and cheese, chocolate and...
Tim: Pilchards.
Daisy: Banana and...
Bilbo Bagshot: Acorns.
Daisy: Acorns. And then as quickly as the desire comes, it just goes. And then you put the toaster sandwich maker away. And, you know what?
Tim: What?
Daisy: You don't miss it.
Bilbo Bagshot: So what you're saying is 'Don't hide the toasted sandwich maker away, use him regularly and you'll get the most out of him'.
Tim: No, she's saying 'Chuck your boyfriend, have a sandwich'.

Miranda Hart
From the sitcom 'Miranda'. I few friends have said that I'm like Miranda, not sure whether to take this as a compliment or not, I'm still on the fence. Although I love the show, I do see a bit of myself in the characters, especially some of her ideas and ways to have fun - not including fruit friends, that's a tad too far, I draw the line walking across the floor in oven gloves like a duck. And yes savoury muffins are a crime against baking.

The loveable weirdo from Community. I said he would be my best friend but I also think Abed and I have many things in common. I often catch myself saying 'this is the part in the film where we leave' etc to friends and family. It's really quite meta. I also think and dream in film or TV mode, its very entertaining. Plus I am always quoting TV and films, sometimes even when I know no one's watched what I'm quoting.

Heather Mooney
A class mate of Romy and Michelle's, I just love the character and her attitude is great. Heather and I wear black, all the time, but I don't smoke but I do like to make fun of bullying bimbos anyday. Heather is ace.


  1. Oh my God, I officially love you based on these picks alone, and you have so won first prize for this 5 Fandom Friday. I do not need to see anyone else's, just not possible to be better:)

  2. Ermergerd Daisy & Abed totes made my list to!!

  3. wow xDDD I think you win this Fandom Friday!!

  4. Stephanie Short29 May 2015 at 16:52

    Liz Lemon! Ugh How could I forget her? What a great list!

  5. Heather Mooney and Liz???? Whaaaaat. Yes. So much yes.

  6. Ace list - definitely agree with Liz lemon and Abed. Oh and by the way, we definitely did use oven gloves as duck feet when we were little :) x

  7. Heheheh thank you! I've always thought Liz and Daisy but my friends pointed out a few other things - I embarce them all :)

  8. LOVED that interview! Girl Power!

    Those characters are just great - in their weird and wonderful ways.

  9. Thank you! Can't help but love these characters :)

  10. 'Im going to go talk to some food about this' - Lemon's cool, she won't mind :)

    Thank you!

  11. Mooney, one classy lady, she knows how to make an entrance. Liz is just too awesome sometimes, even if she uses a candle as deodorant :D

  12. Thank you boo! YES! I knew we did, who wouldn't given the chance right? x

  13. omg I totally forgot about Miranda when I was making my list!! LOVE her! :D

  14. She is pretty darn cool - tells it how it awkwardly is!

  15. Great list! Liz Lemon is my spirit animal! Abed is the only character in Community that I now like.

  16. Yes! Liz does have other worldly powers. Oh no! Whats happened to the others? I love Abed but the group is awesome (note, I have not seen season 6)