Friday, 8 May 2015

Fandom Friday - Fictional Mothers

 Haven't done a Fandom post in a while, but after writing a Mother's Day post back in March (Mother's Day in the UK is in March), I had some great Mothers to pick from. Good or bad, here are my picks.

1. Morticia Addams
 The elegant, eternally calm composed strange statue of a woman, is first a wife to husband Gomez. They have a very passionate relationship but there is always room for their weird and wonderful offspring. She is usually the one to try and solve the problem and solider on in the face of despair. She encourages her children and family and has some terrific lines too. She knows how to dress to impress and the strategically placed spot light just makes her even more impressive.

2. Ellen Parr
I think Ellen Parr is a fantastic example of a woman who can multi-task like a pro. Not only has she had an amazing career as a superhero, but she has raised 3 children and kept a great house, all that is needed is for her to back into work and she DOES! She saves her children and fights beside her family. She is inspiring. 

3. Lorelai Gilmore
Minus the superpowers though, Lorelai is also a great example in TV and Film of an great Mother. She raised her daughter by herself when she was a teenager. Events prior to her daughter's birth may have been irresponsible but she turns it around. She is first a manger of a successful inn, has great friendships with everyone in town, then becomes a business owner as well take part in all the bizarre goings on in town and still has plenty of time to raise her daughter and best friend.  Plus she loves coffee and usually has wise words which I find awesome.

4. Lucille Bluth
Lucille, not to be confused with 'loose seal', is not a great Mother. She is back stabbing, conniving, rude and very controlling. But she is comedy gold. Drunk, sober, trying to be helpful, taking revenge on others on behalf of her children, she will fight but ultimately she is pretty much out for herself, and Buster. 

5. Catelyn Stark
Up until the point where Catelyn went against what Rob said not to do, I was a huge Catelyn fan. But even after that incident, she is one tough Mother. Born a Tully but really a Stark at heart, she can be as harsh as the North and affectionate as, well, a Stark. She is also a fighter and defender of her lands, her husband and her children.

Special mention: Mrs Brisby

She may be a field mouse but she is brave, bold and will do anything to save her children, even if it means drugging a cat, visiting the Great Owl, joining up with some intelligent rats and moving her stone home.


  1. I'll take Lucille...a woman that no problem can be solved without highballs.

  2. Oh my goodness, Lucille Bluth. She's a nutty mom, but I do so love watching her do her thing on Arrested Development! :)

  3. Well said. She'll even find a way to come out top in Prison.

  4. She is definitely a 'hot mess' :)

  5. I love that you included Mrs. Brisby

  6. Amilia Kiesman9 May 2015 at 04:13

    I had forgotten about Mrs.Brisby! Thank you for including her. :)

  7. I watched the film recently and she popped into my head, she is a class A Mum and mouse :)

  8. Your welcome :) I thought about her after seeing the film again recently, she is an awesome little Mum