Friday, 7 June 2013

Round the Ragged Rock and Castle

I think I should call this the Adventures of Yellow Boots. 

Woke up to the faint sound of seagulls and the sea. Marvelous.

Had my breakfast and some amazing coffee. Unfortunately I've got none of my wheat and gluten free food with me, so apart from the pain, I really enjoy the fresh bread at breakfast.

I learnt-ish how to use the panoramic setting on my camera.

I set out bright and early (as the breakfast ends at 9:00 so I had to) for Saint Michael's Mount.

Even though I set out early with the intention of getting there early but unfortunately I had to wait til 10:30 for a bus. No bother I was treated to some locals moaning about the position of the buses, most amusing. The journey to Marazion, nearest stop to the mount, was really pleasant. Got to see the coast and the mount get bigger and bigger because even though I can see it if I step outside, it seems so far away.

The walk across the sand was amazing too. I haven't been to a beach since last year! And this was a beach trip that suited me, like the last time, no sun bathing, no sitting around but more exploring and watching people walk their dogs. There wasn't a huge crowd either that made its way to the mount across the causeway. The nearer I got the harder it was to simply skip across the stones.

Saint Michael's Mount is a famous 12th Century castle perched on an island, it is a, well famous landmark in Cornwall. Just before I started my trek someone complimented me on my boots and asked how do I keep them so shiny. It's the boots! The walk, once on the island, is at first a hike but then after climbing up the hill in the sun, it gets tiring. At the top though, the view is, I hate saying this, breathtaking. I had a huge grin on my face when I saw it. Being up so high made very hot and very windy, so naturally my hair was a mess the entire day.

The castle itself is interesting to look round. I stayed a long while in the library, it was so odd to have an almost modern room compared to the rest of the castle. Out on the terrace you get another chance to see the amzing views. As a Natural Trust lady said, you get a 306 degree view. Before I went into the little map room, a room with loads of maps on the wall, I turned around and this is the first thing I saw. A mummified cat.

 After that strange discovery I finally had a traditional cream tea at The Island Cafe. I sat outside as I thought it was too sunny to be inside. After about 5 minutes of my hair being flicked about I faced into the wind. It was easier to eat and drink, even though the wind was so strong it blew tea on my scones. Delicious! I also broke into my fancy notebook and wrote some pages of a new short story. More writing to follow (hopefully). I already had an idea before I arrived in Penzance for a story, it was inspired by recent events at work. More on that later.

I wondered around in the beach listening to Kings of Leon. It was just nice to relax and not have to worry about anything apart from what I was going to eat later. I treated myself to some ice cream too, it was so good! If my bus hadn't arrived I would have ran back for some more!

 The afternoon/evening was a little less hectic but still more walking around. I had walked past a cafe/deli place called The Cornish Hen yesterday and made a mental note to return. That I did. Sandwiches made on the spot for you as well as many homemade products. My Cornish ham with mustard and salad sandwich looked so good my stomach rumbled all the way to the sea front where, like yesterday, I sat and enjoyed the sea view. There is something s refreshing to walking out the front door and seeing the sea.

Tomorrow's plan is more packed, fitting in two trips in one. Mostly to save on bus fares.

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