Sunday, 9 June 2013

Definitely a Lazy Sunday

I had a plan this morning which was rapidly changed. In fact I made the plan yesterday evening and it then changed this morning due to the fact that Penzance is a ghost town on Sundays.

 I got up at my usual early time, had breakfast, was slightly moaned at by the B&B owner for not having a cooked breakfast yet again, then went to my room to apply sun lotion, I had to be prepared this time. I was annoyed about the breakfast thing. If I don't want a cooked breakfast, I don't want it!!

As for the sun lotion being needed, it more as a precaution. The weather last night said the morning would be warm then when I checked again it said the afternoon would be. But as I walked through ghost town at 9:30 looking for any sign of life, I thought what the hell, I'm going to the beach today. I sprung into to action then. Tesco was open so I got a few previsions but no cider. They had a curtain drawn over it and I didn't want to explain I wanted to drink it on the beach. So no cider by the sea this time. But I still needed a towel and a mat or something to sit on. The only shop that sold towels was closed so I just borrowed from the B&B and then I wandered around until 10am for Argos to open, the only place that I thought would sell a cheap mat. Ans hazaar they did. A plan foam like map that was cheapish but as a beggar I couldn't choose. Still had to wait a bit for my bus though. I sat downstairs this time as it wasn't exactly warm. The sun shined a bit but the wind made it cooler.

I had my mat, snacks, towel and the means to get there. The walk down to the beach was short (perfect) and pleasant. I took off my boots and walked across the sand to find the perfect spot. I never thought I'd be sitting on the beach for the day just hanging out.

I got bored after 30 minutes. That's why I'm not a beach person. I was too distracted by the people walking on the coastal paths above my head on the cliffs. I listened to some music and wrote a few pages but after that I was back to just sitting. What I really wanted to do was swim. I had no costume though and no one to look after my things. So after an hour or so I gathered up my mat and bag and headed towards the sea. I carefully put them on a rock near the water so I could still see them. Not that any off the families with young kids or the randoms would bother with my stuff.

I walked along the beach in the water. It was great but very very cold. I went back and forth a few times. I really wanted to swim out though.

I'd been on the beach two hours but instead of catching my bus back I went and had a gammon steak at the local, recommended, Cable Station Inn. I also had the local beer, which was refreshing. Then I  looked at the time and realised I had eaten in 20 mins and still had over an hour to kill until the next bus. I hesitated about going to the Telegraph Museum across the way but the leaflet said allow an hour and half for the visit so I waited in the shade. I was freezing by the time bus showed up so I sat downstairs and fell asleep.

I walked along the entire promenade watching the waves crash against the wall. It was very cool by then I actually started to shiver. I came back to my room and had some warm tea.

Right now I'm about to pack up my things a check out is 10am but the hosts or whatever you call them, said I could store my shiz here while I go and visit one last place, Mousehole.

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