Sunday, 2 July 2017

May/June Watch List

Its another mash up month! May and June together! Didn't have many movies to add to here for May so only made sense. June will be a whole lot more packed thanks to the Edinburgh Film Festival but that will get its own page.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

They say the second album is the hardest but James Gunn pulled it off! Despite being blinded in front row seats at the BFI IMAX I really enjoyed this second outing. A great story with one hell of a creepy undertone and even more awesome action with the gang. Hilarious as usual but with added adorable Baby Groot! 5/5


Beautifully shot story about a German woman grieving the death of her finace and her growing feelings towards the French solder who she meets at his grave. Was he a friend? That is the burning question is thid delicate black and white tale, with bursts of colour when the characters feel happiness again. A predictably sad end but there is always hope at the end of the dark days. 4/5

Wonder Woman

The film many have waited for and oh my did it deliver a warrior worthy of our time. I could gush over the amazing Gal Gadot and her Amazon warrior family and pitch perfect everything was, but I can't as I'll be here all day. With echoes of Captain America, the dynamic works, part warrior story, part war film, it has dug DC out of the pit of despair, lets hope Diana will continue her quest. The film running time was too long, otherwise it would have got yop marks. 4/5

Hello My Name is Doris

I think Sally Fields outfits stole the show, they are just so damn cool! Playing an older woman who has led a very sheltered life, after her mother dies, she comes out of her shell, especially when she falls for a younger guy in the office. The two start an unsual friendship that she hopes will turn to romance. Uncomfortable and painfully sad at times, you really hope that Doris finds happiness somewhere. 3/5

The Invitation

This was a sneaky little thriller that has surprised quite a few people. A dinner party somewhere in LA where a group of friends who havent seen each other in ages meet up and are treated to a creepy display of supposed friendship and dinner. Its unsettling and keeps you guessing throughout about really is going on. Sucha good film. 4/5


There is a massive spoiler the minute the film starts and I have no idea why its in there. Some funny moments and strange behaviour from the array of odd ball characters, this Netflix Murder Mystery Film as its called is amusing enough to keep you entertained and also really wonder about the murderer. 3/5

Reality Bites

I had meant to see this sometime but after reading about it in Filmme Fatales Zine I was hooked in seeing it sooner. A great examples of the 90s in all its lost post grad glory. Four friends have to struggle through the ups and downs after graduating. Lelaina is a documentary filmmaker, filming her friends to create something will be different, showing that 'their challenges exemplify some of the career and lifestyle choices faced by Generation X'. Troy is self inflicted loser, with no job and plays in a coffee house band, Vickie works at Gap and has a series of short relationships which leads her to getting tested for HIV, Sammy is a closested gay guy who struggles to come out to his parents. Some of the film is predictable but overall, I ended up watching it back to back a few times and can see its appeal. 3/5

Shimmer Lake

Unusually paced thriller set in a small town where the story is told in reverse and pieces of the puzzle come together as we reach he first day where it all started. Nothing spectacular but had be me gripped and wanting know what was actually happening. 3/5

Captain Fantastic

Marketed as a comedy but really a beautifully executed film about family, mental illness, nature/nurture and grief. The young cast are simply superb and I can totally understand why Viggo Mortensen was nominated now for big awards. This film wasn't given enough recognition. Story about a father who wants the best for his children, but doesn't always see what it is safe, raising them in an unconventional way. After his beloved wife dies suddenly, the family crash her funeral wanting to honour their mother's/wife's final wishes. 4/5

Party Girl

Oh Parker Posey, you're so cool! About a twenty something in New York who likes to party and has a crush on the falafel vendor. She is great at throwing parties but struggles with her job at a library. Amazingly typical 90s movie that I have been dying to see for ages and was worth the wait. 4/5

Baby Driver

Technically this Edgar Wright (writing solo since his first movie, Fistful of Fingers) deserves a separate post, but just in case I get caught up, just liked to say its so damn good. A movie set to its soundtrack is a genius idea and pays off. 4/5

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  1. Nice Reviews! So happy you loved Wonder Woman. I've seen it three times, and it blew me away every single time. Really looking forward to Baby Driver!!