Friday, 28 July 2017

July Watch List

Spiderman: Homecoming
 Who'd have thought that Sony would finally realise that what they were missing from a successful Spiderman movie was Marvel and of course a Spiderman who was actually a teenager, enter Tom Holland. He may be 21 now but he was a teen when he made Civil War and Spiderman and he is perfect. Mkaing the smart decision and NOT doing another origin story and going straight into the action with a hilarous intro where Peter video diary records his adventures with Stark and the gang and then is simple sent home. Peter still longs for action and to prove he is worthy of being an Avenger. His adventure is big but not Avengers big which also workd perfectly. With a great balance of lovable nerd and kick ass hero, this Peter has friends and even participates in school clubs which is refreshing as seeing Marisa Tomei play Aunt May. As if this couldn't get better, MJ is also in the film but she's cool. She is a bit of an outsider but again, she participates in clubs and makes sarcastic comments and doesn't fake her way to be with 'popular' kids. But lets not leave out the first real villian to happen since the Green Goblin. Micheal Keaton is on top form as The Vulture. Fitting into the Marvel universe and moving with times, Keaton is Toomes, owner of a company meant to clear up after all the alien attacks but his contract is taken away, so he uses the alien tech to make and sell weapons. He may be doing this for his family but he is a nasty piece of work, a proper bad guy. Loved every minute if the film, Peter Parker is back!! 4/5
Director Dee Rees described this an a semi-autobiographical film about a young closeted lesbian who struggles to come out to her parents as well find a girlfriend. Alike is a shy compared to her best friend Laura, who is openly gay. Taking Alike to a club to meet women in the hopes she will find someone. Alike's home life is stressful as her parents are clearly not happy, arguing all the time. Her mother tries to project what she wants her daughter to be, which is basically uncomfortable and unhappy in the clothes she makes her wear. Although she has a better relationship with her father, he doesn't stand up for her or take her side. The story is about Alike exploring her indentity, her friendships and her relationship with her parents. Her love for writing flows through these moments ending in a heartfelt reading that is full of hope, as if she has been bottled up for a very long time. 4/5

The Age of Shadows
 My review was originally posted on Vulture Hound which can be read HERE. 4/5

Personal Shopper
My review was originally posted on Vulture Hound which can be read HERE. 3/5

Pretty in Pink
This was one of the films I hadn't seen and wasn't desperate to see but after reading Hadley Freeman's Life Moves Pretty Fast I saw this film in a while new light and actually enjoyed it. Andie, an originally dressed teenager who makes her own clothes and works an awesome music store (one that would rivel Empire Records) who likes rich teen, Blaine and he very much likes her. But Duckie, Andie's best friend who is obessed with her doesn't approve, neither do Blaine's arsehole friends. There are so many great outfits in this film as well as some great moments. Of course I'm talking about the lip syching scene with Jon Cryer. This was one of the movies that made Molly '80s teen icon' Ringwald and I can see why. 4/5

It was talked about for ages when it first came out but I wasn't interested in yet another spy film which included class differences and stereotypes. The film is that but it embraces the stereotype and twists the genre slightly to make it more enjoyable that expected. Not sure about the sequel though... 3/5
I can still hear the amazing score by Hans Zimmer ringing in my ears. Throwing you into the actions as soon as the film begins, its as if you are immersed onto Dunkirk or in the air or at sea. From the opening shot of the soldiers walking down an desered street and the sounds of gunfire to the when Tommy (Fionn Whitehead) makes his way onto the beach to see the 400,000 men trapped on the beach, you know this film will be epic and it was. The action takes place on land; following Tommy and the other soldiers he meets with along the way as they try to get home, on the sea; when regular mariner and his son take their boat out to sea to help, along with the fleet of 'little ships' as they were known as and in the air where three pilots are the defence from the German bombs. All three segements are shown at different times but do meet up, bringing the story in line. Seeing it on IMAX was amazing, the vibrations from the music and noise were incredible, it was an experience which don't get very often from movies when its just the film and nothing else. 4/5

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