Thursday, 13 July 2017

Thursday Movie Picks: Amusement Parks

 I haven't been to a theme/amusement park in years. I may be afraid of certain heights but I acually quite enjoy rollercoasters and water rides on a hot day but as prices are hiked up so high no one can even think about going, a trip to Thorpe Park (closest park to me) has been forgotten about. Oh well. Theres more out there than rides, like, swimming, not a water park would be ace right about now.

Jurassic Park
The one the only (technically) Jurassic Park. Even though it was made 1993, more me, its still breathtaking. As Chris Pratt says in Jurassic World "They're dinosaurs, wow enough" and he's damn right. The first time you see Alan, Ellie and Ian see the dinosaurs for the first time is still amazing and THEN you see them. The music swells and its a perfect moment. But like all blockbuster movies involving dangerous things/animals, it all goes wrong. Thanks Dennis! But hey, there wouldn't be movie if it all went perfectly right? As much as I enjoyed the latest installment, nothing really beats the first. 

A horror comedy of sorts when zombie fever was big. It also featured one of the best cameos and one of the best Bill Murray cameos (same thing really). A group of survivors, making their way through zombie infested America bond together, creating a family along the way while killing zombies. The amusing rules throughout that pop up are terrifying but also helpful in the event of this disaster happening. I also liked that the characters where named after their home towns, just thought I'd add that.

I've used this sequel to Westworld before but no matter. Can't wait until the second season of Westworld and I'm wondering if they will introduce new parks, hopefully not Futureworld as it was tacky looking as hell. But the story isn't too bad. Two journalists are invited to the newly opened park but they uncover a big conspircay to replace influential figureheads where the creators of the parks can conrol them.

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