Sunday, 18 September 2016

Post Pre Prep

So it begins. Well it actually began on 8th September when I stood in line from 6am to buy tickets but this is the post pre prep part of the process. The tickets are bought but I can't do an awesome fan out picture of the tickets as I didn't buy them all. I went into panic mode when I heard some films were already sold out, within 15 minutes. My friend called me and offered to help as he got all he wanted online. I didn't trust going online as the site hadn't worked in the past. Next year I will not be queuing up. It's been a fun tradition for the past 3/4 years but like the first times I went I will be chancing it and buying online.

I've read lists of must see films but my picks didn't feature. Which I'm surprised about. Any pro at film festival picking will know that some of the 'bigger' films will be released at some point. Some films will even be released a few weeks after the festival. I'm looking for those gems that are rare and not released until very late or not at all.

 My top five picks of films I loved but will never get to see again are as follow:

A Spanish Affair from a few years ago was one of the best ones that fell into the category. I loved this so much I tracked it down and bought directly from Spain. It was a box office sensation in its home conutry but never made it here. I can see why as it very much related to Spain but still, I love it. There's even a sequel! So my goal now is track that down and watch it.

Bcak in 2012 I was intrigued by Love Story, a weird documentary type film where Florian Habicht, New Zealand German filmmaker, runs around New York asking random people what he needs to do next in his 'create your own love story' quest. I had hoped this would get a release here but unfotunately not so.

May in the Summer was a film I bought the ticket to last minute and I'm so glad I did. Three sisters travel back to Amman, Jordan for May, the elder sister's wedding. Each sister has a secret to hide and throughout the trip, truths are told and emotions split. It was actually released here for all a day I found out but no sign of a DVD release, which is a shame.

Burn Burn Burn a very smart, painful British comedy that I'm still holding out for for a UK release as it features famous faces and recognisable ones too. A journey of sorts about two friends who go on a road trip around the UK spreading the ashes of their dearly departed friend.

There were quite a few films I was not surprised to be given general release in the UK as they were either not quite polished or they just were too much. Wedding Doll was a happy inbetween. Hagit, a young woman with learning disabilities, is obsessed with being married and having a wedding. She lives with her mother who tries to balance her own life as well as caring for a daughter who seeks independance.

Hoping to find gems like these this year.


  1. One year I hope to be able to do the BFI Film Festival, but for now, I'll live it through your blog!
    - Allie

    1. Thank you :)

      It is worth the trip - I promise. Even if it was a few day you'd get to see so much.

  2. I'd love to go to a film festival. I hope you find some good little films again.

    1. Thank you! Are there any near you? If not, I would recommend making a weekend of it and going to one. Already got my next planned for November :)