Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Pancakes Then, French Toast Now

This time last year I was in a hideous job and all I wanted to do on my birthday was eat pancakes. 

I persuaded my family to get up extra early on a weekday and we all trekked to The Breakfast Club in Clapham Junction (its up a hill) and we were the first ones there when it opened. We all had delicious breakfasts - I had the pancakes - and by 9am, everyone had to be off to work. I hadn't planned the day any further as all I wanted was pancakes so I ended up wandering into town on my own.

 I actually enjoyed the time to reflect. I went to a Forbidden Planet when it opened up and I got to browse the shelves of one of my favourite shops, Fopp near Covent Garden, without having to wait for others to move along. Then, I naturally gravitated to the cinema that had the earliest showing. I ended up seeing Me Earl and The Dying Girl and I had the cinema to my absolute self. I think I was actually living the cinephile's dream.

This year is different. I'm at a new new job now and all I want to do is eat french toast.

The plan is simple, get up late, have coffee then later on meet up with my friend fox and hopefully eat french toast. I will most likely see a movie too. But then it's an early night for me for the next day is BFI London Film Festival ticket release day. I will be tired and angry at how early it is an I haven't had to wake up at the crack of dawn for over 6 months now but after the hours wait, it will be sweet as I will hopefully be holding a fistfull of delicious tickets.

Let's see what the next year brings - more travelling, more movies, more swimming (totally unrelated but hey).

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