Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Worthy Sequels

This year, like many others, will be the year of sequels. But not the bad kind that would have had you screaming at the screen 'WHY BOTHER!'. No these will be awesome sequels/continuations.

As mentioned in a previous post, Monsters Inc 2 or Monster University is out. I absolutely loved Monsters Inc and thought that there was no way you could improve on it but those Pixar genius' have done it. Make it a prequel and make the story about how Sully and Mike became friends! Much better than a possible reappearance of Boo. She annoyed me.

Then of course its second installments for trilogies, The Hunger Games and The Hobbit. But this year they will be known as; Catching Fire and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Both films are based on books and I have read both. So far The Hobbit has been faithful even though bits were added, nothing yet has been taken away (thank god). My favourite part will be in the film and a scene I am really looking forward to seeing with those beardy Dwarves. I speak of the barrel scene, where all 13 Dwarves are put in barrels when trying to escape some Elves, they have a long journey down a river where they are picked up in Lake Town. It's a great part of the story and from the photos and behind the scenes footage, it looks to be a marvelous set piece.

I fell in love with The Hunger Games, I thought books were brilliant and saw the film three times at the cinema. But Catching Fire is my favourite of the three for several reasons. Katniss and Peeta visit all the districts, go back into the arena (this time the theme is completely different, think water) and some major new and awesome characters are introduced such as Finnick, a past victor from District 4. What makes Catching Fire better I think is the major twist in the games, all the tributes must be picked from past victors. There aren't many, if any, stills from the production so far, except the announcement that we have to wait until November to see the film. I was hoping for at least a Summer release. But I did find this gem (below) it hints at what I have just hinted at. Also there should be some more productions shots floating around.

These were just released 10/1/13:

(By the way, I'll have none of this 'its just like Battle Royale' rubbish as it is nothing like it. The only weak connection people can make is, they're both children, but not in this sequal guys!)

Saving the best until last, after years of waiting and having to sit through The Spirit (terrible film), the myth is no longer a rumour, the rumour is no longer speculation, its true Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is finally being made!

More those who don't know me, Sin City is my favourite film. It is such an amazing piece of cinema and highly innovative when it was released back in 2005. No one had seen anything like it before, it blew me away. I am still in awe of it. Anyone thinking I'm crazy or over the top, think about your favourite film of all time, and wouldn't be talking about much you loved it in a strange way. Old cast members have been confirmed, mostly all the girls from Old Town plus some new faces, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing a new character created or the film and Josh Brolin will play Dwight before his faced changed and became Clive Owen. Note, that wasn't sarcasm, that is really what happens.

I have the book the film is based on in my possession so that will calm my excitement while I wait for the date, October 4th. 

Sadley I don't have any artwork, just casting announcements (which are in links below) but you can bet your dirty Basin City boots when there is something released I will have another post for you all.

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