Sunday, 27 January 2013

That Happy Place

Short but sweet.

Usually music keeps me distracted and helps me think of new ideas for stories or characters, but lately audiobooks (of all things) helps distract from hellish things.

I speak of the crowded trains/tubes/buses in rush hour.

Those few hours back and fourth from work or appointments are so unbearable sometimes. Music was always good but, as I don't like playlists and like to skip things, it wasn't ideal to change the song if I'm squashed up against a window or hanging on for dear life on a bus when some selfish person takes up two seats instead of one.

Music can also make me look a tad odd. Standing on the platform on Friday, I was listening to music that made me want to dance, like you do, so without thinking of where I was I started doing small dance moves to Safety Dance. I tried to style it out by making it look like I was moving to keep warm. I don't think I got away with it.

I thank the audiobook for the perfect distraction. Just like a film I am so absorbed by the story or person talking I start to not care about my surroundings. I can go to that happy place.

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