Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Goodbye Old Friend

Sorry for the absence everyone!

When I heard that HMV, literally the last surviving high street shop that sells films, music and games went into administration, I was devastated.

When I was younger I loved going shopping, even though I had next to no money, it was a fun thing to do with friends. As I got older I hated it. I dislike clothes shopping now. Mostly because everything is 10 times as expensive, nothing fits or looks good, I have to search for anything decent through all the crap that is out in shops, the changing room queues are a joke and the only decent shops are up town. It ain't fun anymore.

Now my shopping, if I do go deliberately, consists of Waterstones (looking for that book I want to read), buying some tea/coffee syrup (I'm always running low), Paperchase (I have no reason) and saving the best til last HMV. This is my shopping stop off list, but with books being cheaper on Amazon, I barely buy from Waterstones, even though its one of the last standing bookshops. I buy my tea and coffee related things from Whittards but as we all know, they are always having sales and that is never a good sign.

The signs were there for the loyal customers to see. I remember a time when HMV had only three major sales each year, Spring, Summer, January sales. I used to bug my family/friends about the sale and if I had money I went straight to the shop. I had a good collection of videos, all bought on sale. But when the sales were extended, then year round, things changed. DVD obviously took over, then HD tried to make an impact, failed and moved over for Blu-ray. The HMV sale was still on throughout these changes. There was plenty of talk of HMV being in trouble, it went on for years and as I said I was devastated to hear they had gone into administration the other day. I was in there Monday buying some new releases.

I read a blog about the art of browsing ( and it couldn't be more right. HMV is there is be browsed in. Every time I go in, its the same thing. I look at the sale, the chart, pick up a few things I want then I wonder around for an hour or so picking things up putting them back. I eventually buy something after carrying around several things. Sometimes I buy nothing, I save it for next time or for when I know a deal is coming up. The point is I may shop online, sometimes with Amazon (not anymore, so unreliable) but mostly its old reliable HMV online.

HMV is the last good high street store standing on its last leg. I desperately hope they stay afloat. Of all the shops to close recently, HMV is needed the most.

Here is a link to an article below about the shops that closed/are closing.

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