Thursday, 10 January 2019

Thursday Movie Picks: The Cold

 Nothing like an ice cold thriller on winter's eve when you're all safe and warm indoors. Or in my case, actually really cold under a big knitted jumper in a drafty room. Coldest room in the house, it never gets warm in here...anyway. I went with the old theme within a theme but the main theme this week was suggested by Birgit.


Where's the last place you'd want to investigate a murder or possible serial killer case? Antarctica, obviously. U.S Marshall Kate Beckinsale is about to leave the frozen lands before 6 months of winter traps her and her pals there but when they discover the body of a scientist and it looks like death by axe, she decides to investigate. Good idea? I don't think so.

Wind River
Decent neo-western murder mystery with a devastating past story and present death. When Jeremy Renner, expert tracker and grieving father, finds the body of a young woman frozen to death, barefoot, foulplay is suspected. Enter literally the nearest FBI agent Elizabeth Olsen who takes on the case. Something suspicious in the nearby oil drilling site? You guessed it!

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)
Another adaptation of Agatha Christie's famous novel featuring famous detective Hercule Poirot, but alas as he is played by Kenneth Branagh, he is the worst thing about this murder mystyery upon the famous train, through a snow storm. You know the drill, a group of strangers travelling, one is murdered then one by one the suspects are questioned. Poirot then reveals all in an over the top, last supper set up scene. There are better versions of this story, seek them out.

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  1. We match with Wind River which is popular today. I haven’t seen the first one nor the last but I love the 70’s version with Albert Finney

  2. Ooooh I never thought of picking Murder on the Orient Express, great choice!

  3. We match on Wind River! Excellent film. I haven't seen the other two you chose.

  4. Man, Wind River is all over the place. It deserves to be, because it's great. I didn't much care for Murder on the Orient Express. Haven't seen any of the other versions, but I do plan on seeking them out. I've only heard bad things about Whiteout so I never bothered with it.