Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Thursday Movie Picks: Video/Arcade/Board Game Movies

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Tron Legacy
This has got to count as an arcade game film, as they are all in an arcade game. Having never seen the whole of Tron, I think I saw half then fell asleep as I can’t remember the ending, I wasn’t really hyped for Tron Legacy but everyone else was. This was the film that helped Olivia Wilde and was meant to boost Garret Hedlund and just made everyone love Jeff Bridges even more. The world within the arcade game was all fancy electric colours with a soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers with Michael Sheen prancing around in a tight outfit. The story is a little hazy with something about Clu becoming Flynn’s sort of son as he abandoned his real son. There was also something about a massacre and lots of computer programmes died? Actually I mostly remember the race and the ‘don’t cross the streams’ rule and then the escape plan. It was an ok film.

Real name Cluedo but for some weird and pointless reason the game is called Clue in US, why? Just keep it as Cluedo that what the inventor called it. Anyway, the film is bizarre with an amazing cast including Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd and the marvellous Madeline Kahn. The film has three possible endings and upon release each cinema was given a different which I thought was a genius idea. Six strangers are invited to a mysterious dinner party hosted by Mr Boddy. Each guest is given an alias to protect their identities. Then it is revealed that they are all being blackmailed by Mr Boddy. The guests are given an envelope with a weapon inside it and challenged to kill the butler who knows all their secrets too. You can guess what happens next, it’s a game but it’s more of a murder mystery.

Prince of Persia
As I don’t play computer games when it is announced that yet another game is being brought to the big screen, I don’t get all excited unless the story is good. Some friends have said they play the game because of the stories but then what I don’t get is why they all fail at the box office then? Unlike Prince of Persia which did pretty well despite being a total white wash. I liked this one and happily watched it a few times on Netflix. Prince Dastan adopted son of the king leads a siege against a holy city under the impression they are hording weapons. But in fact his evil uncle wants the sacred dagger that can alter time in his favour. Dastan is framed for his father’s murder is forced to flee. He teams up the guardian of the dagger, Princess of Alamut, Tamina in order to preserve the sands of time and stop his uncle. To me, it doesn’t feel like a game adaptation, it was just a Disney action film. I did happen to like the Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton team, it worked splendidly.


  1. Good catches, most impressive since this week-at least for me was super tough.

    I haven't seen Tron Legacy but did see the original Tron with Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner. It wasn't much of a film really but was so advanced technologically for the time that added a lot to it. I'm sure now it would be terribly antiquated.

    Never played The Prince of Persia game so I have no idea if the movie was even close but it was an okay time passer...once. Jake was in amazing shape.

    We match!! I expected to see Clue a good deal today and am happy I was right. The cast really makes it fun, everybody is good but Tim Curry is a manic marvel as the butler.

    This was a real challenge for me, a non video game player, to come up with three. After Clue I was stuck and had to really reach on my last. My first is a flat out terrible movie but as I said I was stuck.

    Battleship (2012)-What lunkhead came up with the script for this exercise in inanity? Obviously written by someone who has never played the board game which is all about strategy and should have led to a film along the lines of “They Were Expendable” or “The Cruel Sea”. What the hell are aliens and extraterrestrial flying objects doing in a movie called Battleship? Really quite stupid.

    Clue (1985)-It’s a dark and stormy night when Mr. Boddy welcomes six guests-Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan), Miss Scarlet (Lesley Ann Warren), Mr. Green (Michael McKean), Professor Plum (Christopher Lloyd), Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn) and Col. Mustard (Martin Mull)-who he has been blackmailing. They’re a colorful lot in more ways than their names and when Mr. Boddy is murdered they set about trying to figure out which one of them did it while the bodies pile up. The best board game adaptation out there, not a high bar admittedly but this is a fun film with Madeline Kahn an absolute scream as Mrs. White.

    Mazes & Monsters (1982)-Five college friends all are devout Mazes & Monster players. To have more freedom in their play they move the board game to a local cavern where one of them, Robbie Wheeling (Tom Hanks), begins to slip away from reality and into the fantasy of the game. This TV event movie was Hanks first lead, based on a Rona Jaffe bestseller which itself was based on actual events.

  2. Clue is the popular choice and I picked it also. Tron Legacy was quite good even though I didn't quite understand it. I was tempted to see the last flick but I just can't get into Jake being a warrior hero

  3. Being a stupid American, I had no idea about Clue having a different name. Thanks for the education. Now, I need to finally see the movie.

    I didn't really like Tron Legacy, but at least it was ten times better than Prince of Persia. That movie...ugh.

  4. Nice picks! Clue is one of my all-time faves. It's so easily quotable and so funny!

  5. It's called Cluedo in Italy too, but when I saw the name of the movie in the original language I thought Italians once again changed the name. Anyway, I loved that movie.

  6. Prince of Persia - I think if it was released more recently like 2015-2016, it would have been more heavily criticized for it's whitewashing like Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) & Gods of Egypt (2016).