Saturday, 24 December 2016

The Vulturehound Twelve Days of Christmas

Over the past 12 days this month, Vulturehound has posted up twelve Christmas films and quite delightfully they aren't all the obvious ones.

For me, Die Hard is the ultimate non obvious, but clearly it's Christmas,  Christmas film. I watch it every year along with all the favourite ones BUT I chose I different film to focus on, a childhood favourite; Santa Claus the movie.

This is on the VH website but they didn't post my whole article for some reason SO HERE it is in full.

Now for a little PR. All the films can be read about HERE. The latest Vulturehound issue is also out and can be read HERE 


  1. Such an awesome 12 days of Christmas! I didn't manage to squeeze many movies in. Woopsies! :D

    1. I missed a couple out this year too :( but there is always next year.