Tuesday, 25 October 2016

October Watch List

It's been a very busy month of films, mostly because of the festival but I have managed to watch a few new and old faces.

The Dressmaker

Kate Winslet in my opinion looks amazing in everything. But put her in exquisite couture from 1950s against a background of a small town in the Australian outback and you make her look magnificent. As you tell, I really love Kate Winslet. She is Tilly Dunage who returns home to take care of her mother, Mad Molly who has basically been neglected by the town. Try was accused of killing the school bully when she was a child. She was taken away and since then has become a well travelled and very talented dressmaker. While she tries to unravel what happened that day she killed that boy, a whole load of tragedies unfold, ultimately testing Tilly to her last nerve. I really enjoyed this film more than I thought. 3/5

BFI London Film Festival

As you know I went to the festival this month and all (but one) of the films are listed and reviewed on the FESTIVAL page.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

This film got its own separate post and the review is on Vulturehound.

The Girl on the Train

(I actually wrote out somethng better but my damn phone crashed and lost several posts)

It seems that any film or book featuring a woman and a murder/mystery has the sticker 'just like Gone Girl' slapped on it. This is not like Gone Girl. Rachel is an alcoholic with a few past tragedies to cope with. Everyday she watches from the train, what she believes to be the perfect couple. But when the wife of the couple goes missing, she goes in search of the truth, finding more than she expected. Emily Blunt is very good in her role as a distraught drunken women who has lost everything and is trying to piece back together. The story held my attention, even if the characters were quite stereotypical and it is quite predictable, it was still compelling to watch. Not the greatest of thrillers but worth seeing if you enjoy the genre (and I do). Those who have read the book know what to expect. 3/5


  1. I hate the "Just like Gone Girl" label that gets smacked on so many mysteries nowadays. NOTHING is just like Gone Girl. That book is one of a kind - though there are ones like The Luckiest Girl Alive who try to be like it.

    1. It kinda ruins the story too because you're set up waiting for something big to happen. Some stories don't need that though and you feel disappointed.