Thursday, 6 October 2016

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

It starts today. Well, technically yesterday.

I think anyone who knows me or who has been irritated by me constantly going on about it knows. The London Film Festival starts today! This year I have had to try and hold back how many screenings I go to, by going to one less than last year. Limited to evenings and weekends, I've crammed in 10 films in my schedule starting with tomorrow night.

I have written a 'Top Picks' for the festival over on Vulturehound, which you can check HERE. In fact VH has a host of writers so no doubt they will be covering the festival more than I can. Some of posts will over there but I will link back to my blog. I included some films I didn't get tickets for, reasons being for ticket pricing or for timings.

I got to take my ticket fan out picture as I know have all the tickets in my possession.

Very excited to see all these film - just wish it was more, way more. I would happily spend two weeks just watching and writing about films.

So, my schedule is as follows, I am aiming to cover all, but there may be delays because, well, its LFF. The short snappy summaries do not do the films justice, just to let you know.

Pyromaniac - Norwegian thriller based on true events.

Ovarian Psycos - Documentary about a group of woman from East LA who rally others to fight against prejudices.

Fiore - Italian love story set in prison with a Romeo & Juilet feel.

Mindhorn - British comedy about a washed up actor who is called back to play a character he was once famous for.

I am Not a Serial Killer - Sundance hit about a teenager who tries to hold back his urges to kill while a serial killer roams his hometown.

Heal the Living - French film set in the world of organ transplants and the lives that are affected.

Your Name - Japanese animated story about two people miles apart who swap lives but live them parallel.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe - Two coroners find more than they expected during an autopsy of a homicide victim.

Lady Macbeth - From the first feature film section about a young woman who finds her self trapped in a terrible marriage and locked in her home by her sadistic husband

Two Lovers and a Bear - In a remote part of the Arctic, two lovers try to forget their pasts.

Off to the festival I go!


  1. Conventions and film festivals are so much fun! I truly hope you have an amazing time! :D

  2. I haven't been to a convention in a long while :(

    Thank you! I am indeed!