Thursday, 25 June 2015

Thursday Movie Picks: Sibling Relationships

Sibling Relationships. Biologically related.

I found this week's theme quite a difficult one, like I seem to each week actually, especially as the picks can only be 3 films. I immediately thought of the Marx Brothers but they don't play brothers in their films. Then I thought of the Coen brothers but again they make films and their characters who are siblings have twisted relationships are just aren't significant enough to warrent a pick. The Darjeeling Limited would have been perfect but I already chose it for mother - son relationships. There are plenty of films were siblings bonds are strong but are not the centre of the film, like The Hunger Games. Other films seem to be more subtle but I apart from a handful of films, there aren't many films just about siblings, except In Her Shoes, which just irritates me to my core.

Sense and Sensibility
This was one of the films that sprung to mind when thinking about sibling relationships. The book, which the film is based by Jane Austen, who was very close to her own sister, was actually going to name to book Elinor and Marianne. These two sisters are close, both different in many ways but they share their secrets with one another. Marianne who speaks her mind, Elinor who is more reserved by can say so much in just one movement or expression. Closer in age, their younger sister Margaret might be left out but she has a place in their connection as the adventourous one. A brilliant story about sibling bonds as well a true Austen story about life and love.

The Virgin Suicides
Five sisters who all decide to kill themselves at the same time. Well, the youngest dies months before the others, but still, all of them go. In the book, the're planned deaths are spread out a little more, but in the adaptaion of  Jeffrey Eugenides debut novel, also the first film from Sophia Coppola, the youngest kills herself at a party that was held to encourage the girls to socialise more after the youngest first attempt. The other four sisters go, in various ways, at the same time. The sisters have an air of mystery around them, 5 then 4 beautiful girls, with incredibley strict to the point of smothering parents. In both film and book you never find out why they did it, they kept their secrets. 

Based on a book, based on a true story, the Bondurant brothers—Forrest, Howard and Jack make moonshine during prohibition. They run a successful business until the corrupt law tries to mussel in. It's great period crime drama with a great cast, but at the films and story's core are the brothers who work together, live together and would do anything for each other, even die together (don't worry that wasn't a plot spoiler).

A little bit of a cheat this one but.....

A Series of Unfortunate Events
I couldn't not include this film in this topic. Aside from the fact these three orphans are the most unluckiest children ever is an understatement, the books are brilliant and unique, including the characters. They are put through the grinder more than once or twice. The film was brilliant, such a shame that the series never continued, I think this should definitely be rebooted. Violet, Klause and Sunny, siblings are not only close but are great survival companions. They use each others' strengths in all their problems and they never leave each other behind, they stick together no matter what, that's why I couldn't leave the film out.

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  1. wendell ottley26 June 2015 at 02:26

    So glad to see Lawless get some love. I think it's an underrated movie.

  2. Its a great film - great story! It had some love when it first came out but its died down.