Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Dream Vacation Blog Challenge

Well I usually say holiday rather than vacation but that's me, British all the way. My dream holiday/vacation would usually involve the sea or being in the forest or a city with amazing bars and views to soak up the culture. My dream film related holiday would probably be much of the same. But let's make this interesting.

Looking at the films surrounding me, I have a whole host of places to escape to. I think I would be greedy and have two holidays, one in the realm of murder mysteries and detectives, the other more fantasy and science fiction.

For my first journey I would start in London, catching the train from Paddington, heading towards the coast. As this is a fictional holiday anything goes. The train would take me and companions, Poirot, Sherlock Holmes and Tintin (and Snowy) to The Grand Budapest Hotel where we would indulge in delicious cakes from Mendals before we boarded the funicular to the hotel. We'd wine and dine, admire the views, take advantage of the spar facilities. After a few nights in luxury we would catch the Orient Express where of course, we would all solve a crime together, through the snow and ice we would seek out the answers.

Our next stop would into the Marx Brothers film, A Night at the Opera, where would have front row seats to at first the mayhem then the fanatstic opera, l Trovatore.  We would venture at night through the streets of Berlin, then Vienna, running into our old friend Harry Lime, hearing the famous music as he runs into the shadows. Another crime to solve together perhaps?

We would then be invited to an exclusive party at Gatsby's where we would all indulge inall that 1920's can offer us. Dancing, singing, drinking, we all retire to our hotel, this time in Paris, right next to the Moulin Rouge.

It is here that I bid farewell to Poirot and Holmes, but Tintin remains my travelling companion as we take the Belafonte across the ocean to Berk, home of the fearless Vikings and the amaing dragons. We get to meet Toothless (a dream come true), a real dragon, I get to ride a real dragon. I am ecstatic and can't believe we are on the island.

We sail on to the next island, Where the Wild Things Are. The gang all stand on the beach, including Max, they greet us in such excitiment as they have just finished making their great nest. But the tide is coming in, a signal for us to move on, we go with the tide.

We arrive on the shore where the Doc and Marty are waiting for us, they said we could borrow the DeLorean for a few days. We drive immediately to 23rd Century New York and hang out with Korbin Dallas. He takes us on a tour of New York, listening to Ruby Rod on the radio. We then visit LA in an alternate 2019, we are allowed to visit the Tyrell Corporation building, it is impressive with such amazing views.

We head back to modern day Paris where we meet Amelie, she still has her dad's gnome so we suggest that she comes with us for the rest of the trip, gnome and all. We're just about to head for Finland when Peter Quill shows up in his amazing spaceship. As this is a much better way to travel, he park up the DeLorean and head off to Asgard, home of the Nordic gods. We fly around the city but we aren't allowed into the palace as Odin is busy and Thor doesn't seem to be around. Heimdall opens up the byfrost for us and get beamed down into Middle Earth. I couldn't be more happy. I am in my element. 

We roam the hills, climb Mount Doom and even visit Edoras and Gondor. But I feel mostly at home in Hobbiton, where are lucky to find that a few of the hobbits are on Air bnb, so Tintin, Amelie, Peter and I all get to spend the night in a real hobbit hole. We have breakfast at The Green Dragon and then decides to make out way out of Middle Earth. Heimdall sees we're done and picks us back up. We take Peter's ship and head for last stop on the tour, Jurassic Park World.

Seeing dinosaurs up close is incredible. Luckily nothing crazy happens, we came on a good day. We ride in the cars around the paddocks and visit the bird cage. We also see the Mosasaurus show, it is unbelievable at just how gigantic the creature is.

We say farewell to Peter Quill and pick up the DeLorean. Tintin and I drop Amelie off back in Paris and head for Finland. We visit Moomin Valley and the whole Moomin family. We have a bonfire watching a comet race across the sky.

Finally I take my last trip alone, in Iceland, just like Walter Mitty. I witness the erruption of the volcano, Eyjafjallajökull and catch a bus to Reykjavik, where I watch the Northern Lights before catching my flight home.

 That would be my dream holiday in the world of film.

Thank you to the host - Girl Meets Cinema - for coming up this great idea for a blogathon.


  1. OMG! This is so awesome! I love your choices and mix of places and characters; Grand Budapest, Night at the Opera, Where the Wild Things Are, Jurassic World - so cool and sounds like so much fun! Thank you for participating - I'll be adding a link of this to my master list. :)

  2. Oh wow! This post is amazing, and I could picture it all :)
    - Allie

  3. I love this post! I might have to do one of my own!

  4. I loved this idea! I actually got excited about the trip while writing it. But I know the only few things I could do was visit the Moulin Rouge and maybe take the Orient Express, that's on my bucket list. Great idea this blogathon!

  5. Thank you Allie! It was great fun to write, got lost in the places and films. You should write about your dream holiday too! Link back to me if you do, would love to read it.

  6. Thank you :) You should, its great escapism. Let me know when you do, would love to read it!

  7. Hi Katie! Your post really inspired me to get my own one written, and well, here it is :) http://flick-chicks.blogspot.com/2015/07/dream-vacation-blogathon-allies-version.html
    - Allie

  8. Loved this post AND trip! Great choices for travelling buddies. The details of souvenirs were an excellent addition :)