Friday, 5 June 2015

Fandom Friday: The Next Characters That Should Be On Our Screens

Comic/book/ character(s) that I think should have their own TV series or film as part of Fandom Friady.

I know it's meant to be character picks but the entire cast of Fables deserve to have their own TV series, HBO style, as they would do the massive universe of fairytale characters from every continent who are in exile from their homeland from the dangerous adversary and living in secret in our world. I know there is a film in the works but a TV series is the right way to go with this one. I actually pitched Fables as TV series as part of a module at Uni, I made merchandise and everything. 

Fig (and the House of Mystery)
One of the lesser known Vertigo comics but a brilliant bizarre one that had some weird characters. Based all around stories, oh and a house of course. Fig and Harry would be the main focus here. Fig more so. An arictecture student who literally stumbles into the House of Mystery and cannot leave. To its other patrons, they pay for drinks at the bar by telling stories. As you can guess, each issue had a new unique story included. I think this would make a great TV series, possibly for Netflix, it would work in that format and I think the side stories should be animated.

Mortal Engines
I read this book over 2 days, I couldn't stop reading it. I bought it for 20p at a Summer Fate would you believe. It was one of the first YA dystopian novels I read, years before the Hunger Games conquered the world. It may seem like a complicated plot but its no Divergent rubbish. After the world was ravaged by nuclear explosions, survivors built gigantic vehicles, Traction Cities to avoid any further disasters. In this new world there are no nations, only these monsters exist, London being the biggest of them all, devouring smaller engines. There is an amazing description of the actual city and how it looks, a brilliant story. I didn't know but there were sequels, creating a series, so a franchise could be born.

Le Brock - Grandville
Described as Rupert Bear meets Sherlock Holmes directed by Quentin Tarantino, as it is quite violent. In a world mostly populated by anthropomorphic animals and humans are the under species, called 'dough faces'. It's a mix of steampunk, alternative timeline and a thriller. Set at the end of 19th Century and follows, Scotland Yard's finest, Detective Inspector Archibald "Archie" LeBrock, an anthropomorphic badger. With 4 out 5 of the planned books already published and each focusing on a different genre, there is a weath of characters and story. I would suggest that this would a great animated TV series - much more series Bojack Horseman.

The Six Sisters
This pick is a bit of a curve ball. I like my sci-fi, my fantasy, my murder mysteries and my classics. I also like predictable well researched regency set books about a family where all the sister find husbands in funny tales. These books, written by prolific writer M.C. Beaton, (look her up, she's big) would make an excellent BBC drama series, each episode centered around a different sister. Its a familiar set up, with some terrible names of characters (but I love it), six sisters, daughters of a rather dodgy village vicar who needs money to pay for his hunting hounds so decides its time his daughters married rich husbands. It's all great fun and not without its tragedies and more serious incidents.


  1. I love your list! It's a nice mix!

  2. Thank you! I always try to add a few weirds ones into the lists :)

  3. Excellent list! I'll have to add Mortal Engines to my to-read list - sounds really intriguing!

  4. Awesome mix! I didn't know about the Six Sisters, so I'm going to give it a try ;) Thanks!


  5. Hrm, very interesting and I need to check these out now:)

  6. It is! There are some 'lead' characters, but theres some sort of conspiracy in there somewhere, so don't want to give too much away :)

  7. Thank you! They're great (very addictive) and I like to mix up my reading, makes it more interesting :)

  8. Definitely check them out, especially Fables, its my favourite and its the comic that first got me into comics - it has special powers!