Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Suitcase

With only one day before my sister and I venture on to Budapest, this the most unprepared we've been for one of our trips.

We booked this holiday back in January and we now doing everything last minute. We got our insurance today and we'll most probably be printing out boarding passes just before we got to sleep tomorrow. We've sort of planned what we want to do but haven't. I think it's rather exciting not knowing what to see but I like to be prepared, over prepared would be better. 

We've been given tips from people about what to see, what to drink and cake to try but the element of the trip, which is always a bind for trip away is planning what goes in the darn suitcase.

My usual way of packing is find the right suitcase, fill it up, then release how short my trip is, thin down the load then take everything out. I try a few other suitcases then end up with the one I had packed in the first place, usually with more things.

Luckily that didn't happen this time. We only moved suitcases twice.

My sister can't understand my panic over what to pack, I worry all the time, I've actually been worrying about what to pack all week. Let's hope I made the right choices with my things.

See you all in Hungary!

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