Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Jar

I've been good. In fact I've been extremely good, even resisting on holiday in Budapest. I gave up chocolate for Lent and I think I've been successful. I only ate a tiny part of fudge icing on my friend's cake which was the first baked good I've seen from him and he really wanted me to try the whole thing. Apart from that time, I have resisted. I even resisted eating the left over melted chocolate when making making rocky road for people at work. Yes, I have been that good.

By the way, for those who aren't familiar with Lent or was forced to learn about it in school, Lent is a time, 40 days to be specific, that takes place before Easter. It is the 40 days that Jesus wondered the desert being tempted by the devil. Or something along those lines. Anyway, Lent is one of those things that stuck from childhood.

Anyway, at the start of Lent I said I was going to fill a jar with chocolate over the 40 days then at the end of it, eat everything in the jar. People said that it was stupid and didn't make sense. I thought of it as a prize at the end. Now, with only two days to go, I don't feel like eating the chocolate I have stored. In fact, all I'm looking forward to, chocolate wise, is a special yoghurt I bought today. I checked, it will keep til Sunday.

To be honest, I give up chocolate on a regular basis. Every Lent, well almost every Lent, I give it up and every year I succeed in not only making it through the 40 days but also giving it up for longer. Last year was an exception. I tried to give something up but things didn't go to plan, then I was made redundant. I have actually gone without chocolate, sweets, crisps and other such goodies for over a year. Of course I still drank and ate biscuits so it was not for dietary reasons but just to see if I could.

I know I can. It may feel like a cheat seeing as I have to avoid so many others things in my diet now which makes it near impossible for me to enjoy a meal. No wheat, rice, onions, mushrooms, nuts obviously and potato, the latter by choice. Now, no chocolate.

There are two things I know for sure I can never give up. Coffee and dairy. But I think I might have to cut down on certain diary products. Although last time I gave up cheese in all forms for 4 months, everyone shouted at me. That was a weird and uncomfortable time.

Back to the jar I have hidden in my room, as well as some other chocolate delight that I remembered about the other day, I haven't filled it, but there are a few things stored. I wanted to find the mystical white Areo to put in but I cannot find it anywhere, so please if you know, in UK, where I can buy this, please tell me!

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