Wednesday, 16 April 2014

By The Danube

Last day in Budapest was rather laid back. We packed up our suitcase and locked up the flat and all the doors for the last time.

We finally had a proper breakfast and after viewing the choices near by we went to the highly recommended (in guides) New York Cafe which happened to be conveniently across the street. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any photos of the amazing interior, it felt like walking into a palace or, as I always, it was like walking onto a film set. The food matched the surroundings too. We each ordered, what we thought was, a simple poached eggs breakfast, but what we were given was a delightful looking meal. The eggs came in individual cups AND with salad, as well as our own little extras we picked to go with the eggs. The waiter was really nice too, after I explained about the dread nut allergy that always gets in the way, he brought me some special non nut bread, which was also gluten free! Heaven. Plus the coffee was delicious.

After breakfast we waddled down to the river, stuffed full of our first and sadly last breakfast in the city. We wondered around a market place where some sort of festival was happening before asking buying tickets for the 'simplest boat ride/tour with no lunch'. That is what we asked for and that is what we got, plus two free drinks.

We had plenty of time until the ride and walked along the Danube promenade, past the Parliament and next the the Shoes on the Danube Promenade memorial. The memorial was put in place for the 60 victims shot into the river by Arrow Cross militiamen in 1944-1945.

On a happier note, the boat ride was relaxing, it felt right to look over the riverside before we left and it was great to see parts of that we hadn't see by foot. Although we travelled under one too many, I enjoyed it, unfortunately, my photos aren't that great.

We took a metro back to our area, couldn't face walking, my ankles had started to hurt, it got worse on the plane. We went back to the Book Cafe and it beautiful ceiling for some more coffee, this time a caramellowcino (or something along those lines) lunch and we shared a blueberry mousse. A perfect end to the trip.

We were lucky to get a lift back to the airport, which was rather smaller than expected. We thought how to spend the last forint (HUF), we didn't, then it was the very long walk to the gate. Just as we had arrived walking across the tarmac and along fenced off tunnels, so we left that way but not before were forced to wait in what could only be described as a warehouse for ages. The plane was also delayed, not helping my then swelling ankles. The warehouse was the place that in any other airport would be the departure lounge.

I was restless most of the way back and was seriously confused and irritated by all the children coming back from Grenoble who were collecting their luggage too. It was sort of good to be home. But after my day off it was back to work, then I wanted to be on holiday again.

Already planning the next trip in my head . . . .

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