Monday, 28 October 2013

What Was I Wearing?

With Halloween coming up I decided to look back at old photos, mostly from the last 4 years, so second year of Uni til now. My oh my I used to dress up quite a bit. I actually miss doing that. I don't think I've dressed up in a costume of sorts since last year of uni.

I also haven't had the opportunity to dress up on Halloween past two years. Although, I'm wishing that one day someone I know will throw a massive huge party for Halloween and I will finally dress up as Liz Lemon as the Joker. Observe:

I still can't get over how funny that episode of 30 Rock is. So that has been my goal. In the past I have dressed up as a pirate a few times, school girl too, tried to dress up as Heather Mooney from Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion and have been Karen O twice (second attempt last photo). The second time I dressed up as her was better. I even tried to dress up as Ramona Flowers (before the film came out), complete with roller blades.

The best costume I ever made/wore was for Halloween '09. Our house hosted a party and I went all out. Bought an old dress, waistcoat and shirt (the tie was actually mine) and sewed it all together. The result you can see below. I called myself Boris and Barbara Hoganstien. Everyone at the party met them, some disliked Barbara, because she was a bitch, but most people liked Boris, he had a pipe which was nice. Those who remember this blog from his beginnings, I actually wrote a serial about the Hoganstiens.

That same Halloween '09 I also dressed up as a clown the night before for a night out. I lost a marvellous hat, that made me a sad clown. A year later we had another Halloween party and yes, I went as The Mad Hatter, except my Mad Hatter looked slightly hobo-ish, may have been the gloves.

I had an idea for a very simple costume this year after seeing a Pixar film. I have the hair, glasses and a black dress, but I'm lacking details to the dress. We shall see.

Happy Halloween to you all . . .

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  1. the boris and barbara costume is legendary x